remnants of the past…

wow this week sure flew by for me.  my days seem filled with nothing but deadlines lately – i guess you can say being busy is a good thing.  i’ve got some serious creative ideas brewing in my head so luckily it’s the weekend so i’m definitely going to lock myself in the studio and just create.  i’ll be sure to share the process on instagram this weekend and the outcome on my blog monday…

today, i wanted to share about a trip i took earlier this month to visit our friend paula cheney and attend remnants of the past.  even though my travel schedule has been insane this year, this was a show that paula has talked about for years so i needed to make it a destination for me this year, and i’m so happy i did.  we arrived early in the morning (a mere 2 hours before the show actually opened) to make sure we had first dibs on the goods, well us and a hundred other people with the same idea…lol.  the weather was perfect, the show was beautifully displayed with booths both inside and out filled with vintage everything.  we spent hours sifting through nostalgic treasures, grunged goodness, and fanciful findings – it was simply wonderful…


although we walked in as a group, paula and i quickly dashed in opposite directions as we searched and scoured for the ultimate finds.  lucky for us we didn’t attend this show alone as mario and paula’s husband jay joined our mayhem.  they were so helpful gathering our purchases and taking them to the “holding area” so we could make our way to the next booths.  with the car fully loaded we headed back to paula’s to enjoy a bbq with family and friends and go through all of our treasures to see what each other got.  i didn’t take many photos (well honestly i didn’t take a single photo, mario “mr. BTS” did), but paula on the other hand sure took more photos – if you want to check them out on her blog click here

well between all of my to-do’s this week i did manage to take a little time here and there to work on unpacking everything and finding a new home for it.  i love it all so i wanted to share a look – enjoy your weekend…t!m




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