back to normal?…

hi there bloggers!  it's been a while and i'm finally back to feeling normal from our amazing adventures in hong kong.  what a journey for sure as it's a place i've never traveled to before, but so happy i did.  i have to say this trip definitely took a bit more time to bounce back since our journey back was about 24 hours of total travel time – ugh!  however like i said, i'm so happy we went, it was worth every moment…

the lifestyle, culture, and surroundings are unlike anything i've ever experienced before.  the scenery was simply spectacular in so many different ways.  i loved the water surrounded by mountains, the thick tropical greenery, mixed with the highrise buildings jetting up everywhere…

we experienced so many things from seeing the sights, stopping at a starbucks or two (or course), and there was shopping, lots of shopping.  there were marketplaces everywhere both day and night and we did our best to shop all we could, tons of fun…

then of course there was a trip to hong kong disneyland which totally blew me away.  i mean with my love of disney and having the chance of a lifetime to visit the disneyland in hong kong?  seriously?  it was simply fascinating to see this park, go on the rides (which were similar, yet different) like the jungle cruise with lines for either english or chinese, and let's not forget the food – let's just say there were no corndogs or mickey pretzels…

all in all it was a great journey and i'm happy to share a glimpse of the experience with all of you.  just fyi, i am loving my new iphone, i used it for every photo i took, the camera is incredible.  so for the exciting news that i was mentioning before i left, we are working on some holiday project kits and christmas embellishment packs for sale coming soon to my etsy shop!  we are still finishing them up, but they should be ready to go the first week of november.  i'll post the details soon – for now, it's time to catch up on a little more sleep…t!m

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