another adventure…

well bloggers, we're off on yet another adventure leaving bright and early this morning…we're heading to hong kong!  even though we've only been home for about 24 hours, it was enough time to unpack, repack, grab the passports, and open up my new iphone.  i've been (impatiently) waiting for this new phone since i lost my last iphone back in july at disneyland (i'm sure it's somewhere on the indiana jones ride).   i use my iphone for everything, especially blogging, so i'm excited to be taking it on this trip!  we were invited to go hong kong last month and even though we seem to be traveling so much already, just couldn't pass up the offer to go.  i'm looking forward to seeing this part of the world we've yet to see, and since i'm not going there to teach, we simply get the chance to take it all in.  we'll be back next wednesday, but while we're gone michele and her friends will be working in the studio on something cool i'm excited to share with you guys when i get back – until then…t!m

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