the journey continues…


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  1. Jasmine says:

    Best of luck to you. You know you have an army of supporters out there who are willing to support whatever you decide to do next! Some of us may not write regularly but we do sit on the sides, doing our art along side you & cheer you on! I had to write to wish you well! What a major loss for Ranger but what an open door for you! Distress lives on with you at the helm and Tim you soar to even higher realms of creativity and success – God knows you deserve that in spades! Best of luck! Here’s to your creative genius! I know this is a leap forward in your career!
    Always – our best wishes!

  2. Alicia Gnam says:

    Wherever the journey takes you wishing you all the best….I continue to use your products, visit your website for inspiration. Looking to see where your journey takes you.

  3. Deborah says:

    Sorry to hear that. I don’t know how to feel about it though.
    I will always be one of your followers. Anxiously waiting to see what you bring to the creative table.

  4. Sorry, Ranger, I think you have made a mistake. Tim, I wish you well and look for more creativity and innovation from you
    Linda Standart

  5. I do hope this is the best thing for you T!m and that you are in a better place. I hope your health is tops and that only good things are coming your way because of this.

  6. Kathy Andrews says:

    I want to say congratulations, but not sure thats correct. I’m not even really sure how to take this? Does this mean that you’re no long going to do sizzix, etc.? How does this affect everything and the products for us… the customers? What does this mean for Tim?… better?… promotion?… WHATS HAPPENING?????

  7. Bonnie E says:

    Does this mean new creative horizons for you, Tim?

  8. CraftyHope says:

    Wishing you all the best on the road ahead. I’m sure it’s full of excitement and nervousness as all change is. But, as creative and innovative as you are, I know you’ve probably already got something in the works. Cant wait for you to share it with us!

  9. Ruth DeClercq says:

    Congratulations Tim.

  10. Sue says:

    Glad this will allow you to have a bit more “freedom” to delve deeper into new products! Can’t wait to see what comes of this new adventure for both Ranger and Tim. Tim has been the driving force and will continue to be the inspiration to us all, just slightly different. I get it. Although at first I didn’t know how I felt, but now after reading it again, it is a good thing for all involved.
    Victoria, BC

  11. Susan Leslie says:

    Congratulations are in order….way to go Tim and Ranger!!

  12. […] kroner. Vi gratulerer vinnerne så mye! ______________________________ Tim Holtz slutter nå som Creative Director i Ranger. Holtz vil i midlertid fortsatt være tilknyttet Ranger som Signature Designer. […]

  13. joy shimabukuro says:

    Aloha Tim! I hope this means you’ll have more time to enjoy creating and life in general! Sometimes those other roles can really take up a lot of our precious time! Well, as you say, as the leaves change, so do you! Always a fan, always your friend…joy

  14. Congrats Tim!! Best of luck in your next new thing!

  15. Rosie says:

    Wow. Sounds like Ranger demoted Tim. Omg. Best of luck to you Tim and when one door closes another window opens.

  16. Patricia Mitchelson says:

    I don’t know how I feel, I am happy for you Tim, but feel an era has passed, I have followed you for many years and feel I am losing you I have drooled over your stamps, inks and everything else that bore your name, please keep the designing going for us Tim junkies.

  17. Michele Taylor says:

    Definitely Congratulations, as you devote your talents to your signature lines. Keep your fabulousness going!

  18. Arlene P. says:

    Not sure how to respond. If you read between the lines, it sounds like a good thing for Tim. More time for creating and maybe moving on to other lines of designing. Time will tell.

  19. Super excited for you to see what life brings next. I know that this will give you much more creative freedom and a chance to really focus where your passion is.

  20. Rosetta Jenkins says:

    Don’t know quite what to say. If its good for you, Tim, then its ok for us. If not then…………Well. My allegiance will always be to you no matter what.

  21. Sue C says:

    I think we have all had to read this a few times to try to grasp its meaning and implications. Curious and confused!

  22. Colleen Switzer says:

    I don’t know if this decision is advantageous to T!m, Ranger, or both!?
    I love working with T!m’s stamps, and dies …. Does this mean he will no longer design stamps, and dies?? If it does, let me tell you that there will be mega crafters that are very displeased, myself included!!

    • Rosetta Jenkins says:

      Tim designs dies for Sizzix. Hope that part puts you at ease. Know how you feel. I feel a bit shaky about Ranger now. But, you don’t kill the goose that lays golden eggs either.

  23. Victoria Daniel says:

    I don’t know what to say,but if this what you want and its good think for you then Congratulation to you and i want to see what you will have next for us.

  24. Judy Jackson says:

    I knew “something” was in the works because of the lack or the brevity of new items for CHA this past summer. All of the intros on Tim’s blog has a weird, different feel about them.

  25. Vickie says:

    I’m not sure what to say I’m happy for any decision you have made

  26. Helena Cuttino says:

    Nothing stays the same for long, (14 years is long though) but onward and forward thinking, good stuff ahead I am sure.

  27. Holly C. Fictum says:

    Best of Luck Tim! Please don’t ever completely leave us though… You are my crafting inspiration and I cant wait to see what the future holds for your lines!

  28. Michele says:

    I’m not sure what this all means. Hope it’s good for Tim. I just found his Distressed line and started Creative Chemistry.

  29. Linda Bell says:

    I am very surprised but know that much more will be coming your way. I wish you all the best and can’t wait to see whats next for you.

  30. Cindy says:

    I’m hopeful this is a good move for Tim and not a bad choice by Ranger since I don’t buy a lot of Ranger products that don’t have the Tim Holtz name on them. Guess I’m with a lot of others – wait and see?

  31. LaVon Hall says:

    I trust that questions will be answered in the days to come. Those shoes are going to be pretty tough to fill for the future Creative Director. Best wishes, Tim.

  32. Terri W says:

    I, like others, am not sure how to respond. Tim I am sure without the added stress of that position it will open up more possibilities for your creativity as there should be more time. I will wait to see if this decision effects Ranger. Interesting……..

  33. jeannie says:

    One door closes and others open.
    Wish you the best in the next chapter of you creative journey. How exciting!

  34. I have read the comments and I have never in all my years of crafting heard / read such a vocal and written outpouring of love…concern …appreciation…..gratitude for an artists such as you Tim! I have know you since you were the Art Director and Manager of a Ben Franklin Store in Arizona. Your talent was bigger than the footage of the store. Customers came in to ask questions about their projects and you were never too busy to help and they went out feeling like they could do the job because of you and your ideas. You have continued to carry this awareness of other’s needs. I have watched your fan base grow at shows where it was hard to just stop by and get a hug from an old friend!! Your talents were too big for just one store, and now for one company. Think of this as another chapter on your way up!! You are free to soar and fly where ever your talents take you. God Bless you and I cannot wait to see where this new road takes you. I will be watching……and so will the whole Art / Craft Industry!!!! Fellow your DREAMS!!!

  35. I have often thought that your job as Creative Director for Ranger products would have been a very stressful role. Having been a teacher for 20 years I found you just need time to replenish after giving out for a long while.With all the classes and travelling you have done your 14 years would more than equal my 20 years.You must be worn out. Something else will come along I am SURE!! Give yourself time to recharge and fill up your creative well.
    I look forward to seeing what you do next!

  36. Which ever direction you take I wish you every success with every step you take Tim.We all know what you have bought to the industry is nothing short of amazing! You will always be a treasure to us all!

  37. Carol b says:

    Wishing you all the best Tim. Hope that we will still see your creative genius at work in techniques and projects!
    Carol b

  38. Kim Daniel says:

    Congratulations Tim on your new adventure. I am looking forward to seeing you next week for your classes in Lake Worth FL. I am sure you are happy it wasn’t this weekend since we are now in a Hurricane Watch.

  39. Rose Isch says:

    I’ll remember what you did on my birthday!

  40. bette says:

    Big NeWs!
    14 yrs is a long time…. enJOY your semi retirement!

  41. Lis says:

    dang! missed the “t”…I meant I CANT wait….

  42. Lis says:

    What a difficult decision this must have been for Tim to make. Stepping into a new role after 14 years …wow…! I can wait to see what this new journey brings to the table!

  43. Majo says:

    What does it mean? Is iot good or bad? I don’t know how to react, kinda strange :(?!?

  44. Karen Walters says:

    Good luck Tim . Whether this was Rangers idea or yours , we all know you will be fine. You have a great attitude and whatever you do , people will follow. Like you say- it’s all about the journey….

  45. Linda says:

    My reaction to this is the same as everyone else’s. I hope that it’s a good move for you, Tim! Your fans and the fans of your products will follow wherever you go!

  46. Nancy says:

    Oh, ahum, weird announcement, anyway, changes are normal in our lives, Tim wishing you good luck with everything you do! With or without Ranger… Hugs x

  47. Still gonna be around for the craft stuff? What is going on really?

  48. Enjoy the journey! With you at the helm, it is sure to be an exciting adventure!

  49. Kathy Gledsdale says:

    Good luck to you Tim, enjoy a steadier and more home based next part of your journey.

  50. Carol Watson says:

    Hopefully this will give you time to develop more amazing products. I’m so happy to follow you on your fantastic journey. You have brought much enjoyment into my craftroom with your products and techniques, a long time fan.

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