heading to nashville…

Nashville hey bloggers!  just checking in as i'm hitting the skies once again on my way to CKU-Nashville.  i love nashville, the hotel is one of my favorites, and the people at CKU-Nashville really know how to have a good time.  i'm sitting at the airport right now and leave in about an hour, land around 6:30pm and the event starts at 7:00pm so it's rush, rush, rush!  looking forward to hanging out with friends, sharing lots of laughs, and meeting new faces.  this is my 5th year of CKU – wow!  such a cool event – my workshop is on ranger's new memory capsules and we are creating some custom photo collage pieces using them!  anyways, just wanted to check in to say hello.  thanks for sharing the excitement about the perfect pearls technique challenge, i agree it's totally addicting…  after CKU we head to NJ to get ready for our next Ranger U.  so many cool things planned…  i'll share more later…t!m

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129 Comments to “heading to nashville…”

  1. Kim Jones says:

    Say it ain’t so….No more CKU. That would be so sad. I have only been to the last 2 years. Chicago and Nashville. Had a blast at NAshville. Tim you were so generous with the give aways and with your time. LOVED the projects. Thanks for all you did to make CKU special. God Bless Kim the candy lady

  2. JoAnn Reichert says:

    Have a wonderful trip to NASHVILLE. I love going there too. JoAnn R

  3. merryredhed says:

    Yo Tim! Your class really rocked! You’ve got me hooked, I plan on making everyone a bird house for xmas gifts. Your classes are always the best and the reason I attend CKU every year.

  4. Margaret Stiles says:

    I tried the perfect pearls technique and love it!!! I miss your happy talented blogs when you are gone and assume you are staying that the awesome Opry land hotel. It is so awesome! It is like being in a paradise walking from rooms to eating & meeting places. I loved it when I went for a conference! Margaret S.

  5. Terry says:

    Thanks for always sharing new techniques with us. I love the perfect pearls video….I’m hooked!!

  6. Have great time! Enjoy your stay…

  7. Kimberly says:

    Be safe & have fun!!

  8. Olivia says:

    Hope you have a blast! The perfect pearls technique was awesome. I’ve used it twice now. Love it! Hurry back…I need more inspiration!

  9. Melissa says:

    Arg you’re right by me and I can’t go πŸ™
    But on the nice side I have a nice new house πŸ˜€ So maybe a few years from now when you come back I can go to CKU when you’re there πŸ˜€
    Enjoy your stay in Nashville!

  10. chris says:

    have a great trip…wish i was there to take your class!!

  11. Jackie Hedlund says:

    I got to a Michaels today!!!!! I got just about every thing I was looking for. Wish they would have had more!!
    Now my fun will begin……….

  12. Donna Wilson Irwin says:

    Can’t wait to do the new techniques…..love Nashville I go at least 2 times a year……to bad it’s not for CKC and your class oh well! Boo hoo Donna

  13. Lynn Barwald says:

    Hey Tim! Hope you’re enjoying Nashville! Hope the classes are going well and you’re enjoying being with your friends. Looking forward to hearing about it! Lynn B

  14. Kate says:

    Have fun at Nashville. I have seen photos of the Gaylord from other bloggers attending CKU. Looks like a fun place. Can’t wait to see the samples from Ranger U. You are always so inspiring for to be able to see your latest creations and takes on how to use the products.
    Aloha, Kate

  15. {vicki} says:

    Enjoy your trip!!!!!

  16. Susan Beck says:

    Count me in as a fan of Nashville…it’s a great city! Have fun and can’t wait to see and be jealous of all the projects…but love the inspiration!

  17. Connie Holso says:

    Have a great trip…wish I could be there. πŸ™ Why don’t you come to Wyoming or Montana sometime? Then all us people out here in the sticks could attend. Would love it!!

  18. Karen says:

    Can’t wait to here all about this adventure. Someday I will make it to the event! In the meantime, I will have to wait to see if you will be coming back to Absolutely Everything in MA….I WILL be there on your next visit!!

  19. tigger says:

    Crap. I could have sworn I commented on this… I wonder whose blog got my double #1’s… ??????
    Enjoy the trip!
    #1 #1 πŸ˜‰

  20. Lisa says:

    Sounds like you are really looking forward to CKU Nashville. Are you planning on teaching at Scrap Fest again this fall?

  21. lois skiathitis says:

    Have lots of fun Tim!! I feel like singing that country song “On the Road Again”. LOL!!! :0)

  22. Tami says:

    Oh NO Tim, You forgot me again! πŸ™‚ Well, guess you’ll just have to catch us up when you get a chance. Have fun, and… safe travels!

  23. Robyn W says:

    both are on my bucket list…CKU and ranger u….one day, got to dream

  24. Rosie says:

    Have fun in Nashville, I wish I could be there to enjoy your workshop.

  25. Vicky says:

    Have a fantastic trip!

  26. pat says:

    Off again…busy, busy, busy. Enjoy and have a safe trip.

  27. Wanda H says:

    Sounds like a fab time!!! Can’t wait to hear more about it.
    Love the “perfect” technique!! I’ve already used it on a couple of things and will definitely be doing more. Thanks again!!!!

  28. Nannie of 3 says:

    Have a wonderful time, wish I were there. Can’t wait to see what you guys are doing down there…please share, pretty please.

  29. Robin Gibson says:

    Well, I will be a grown-up, for once, lol, and not whine…about not getting to go to CKU-Nashville! I would have LOVED to be there! Safe travels, and have a BLAST!! I know I sure had fun a couple of years ago when I got to go, and took a class or 2 from you:) SO inspiring! From your art & creations, to your magnificently positive outlook on life! THANKS for all you share with us, every day!

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