it’s finished…

Patchwork  i love it when an idea comes together…  here's another look at my finished "patchwork pandemonium" project using, yep – Grunge!  the base is grungeboard pieces altered using a variety of techniques (students will learn 8 different techniques in class) on various grungeboard shapes using just about everything ranger!  this creates such a colorful and textural art piece.  the finished piece is accented with stitching and the tiny attacher, then adorned with lots of idea-ology goodness…and for those of you who already spotted it, yes that's a grungepaper rose!  students are also going to be learning the skills to create their own too – i learned this technique from my friend keychain – so cool….

i really think this may be one of the first workshops i try to kit and sell on my website -  of course time will tell whether or not i can pull it off, but i'll be sure to post the details on here when i do.  i absolutely love this project, because of the possibilities to transform things out of the ordinary into your life.  now back to the studio, i'm on a roll…t!m

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