first day of Creative Chemistry 102…


well it’s like the first day of school jitters all over again!  today is the first day of my online class Creative Chemistry 102 with   i’m excited to see so many returning students from Creative Chemistry 101 and look forward to this week-long class together.  i’ve received emails from several people asking about Creative Chemistry and if they were “too late” to take it?  the answer is a simple no… you are never too late to take Creative Chemistry 101 or 102 as you have lifetime access to the content.  that means you can take the class whenever it works for your schedule and wherever you live in the world.  the content can be watched directly online, or downloaded to watch on the go.  it’s really the best way to share what i love – creativity…

if you haven’t checked out what Creative Chemistry is all about, today is the day.  Creative Chemistry 102 not only features video and downloadable instructions for 30 techniques, this time around i’ve asked some very talented guest artists to put the techniques to the test and share cards they’ve created for inspiration.  it’s going to be a great week in class – hope to see many of you there…t!m

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80 Comments to “first day of Creative Chemistry 102…”

  1. Charlene Knight says:

    Looking forward to getting started on 102,,,,can’t logon

  2. Ellie Knol says:

    Can you sign up to 102 only when you have done 101 also?

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  4. Dria says:

    OH DARN~~~~ I just went to the CC102 link was already to sigh up then GLITCH…. I have to pay for 101 before I can take 102.. Oh well I don’t have an extra 60 dollars for 2 classes vs the $25 for nope I don’t get to do CC102 either. I guess I will just keep on doing my own thing..the bright side is… I won’t be tempted to go spend money on a bunch of products that I’m not using since I am not in the 102 class!

  5. Dria says:

    i would love to do these!

  6. Rosetta Jenkins says:

    I am about to go thru the First Day Videos for the forth time…yes…4xs. I love looking at Tim’s hands do their work and that melodic voice is so uplifting. Oh…back to the class. WOW! So, so much info. I think I have used about 20 tags already. The classes are first rate. Thank so much.

  7. marileew says:

    We’re having so much fun in cc102! The techniques are terrific. Thanks Tim!

  8. Ruby C says:

    So glad I signed up for CC102. It’s wonderful!

  9. Cowgirlniecy says:

    Woohoo more fun to have

  10. Dolly says:

    Such a fabulous class Tim!! It’s jam packed fun! TFS!!

  11. Lori Manicho says:


  12. Carole Miller says:

    I loved all the techniques today and the new challenges to try. Thank you so much

  13. This Class is amazing!! I learned so much in just the first day..thank you Tim!!

  14. Shirley says:

    Another great day in Tim’s Chemistry class. So many great new techniques to try out. Thank you again for doing this Tim, and also your team.

  15. Aunt Nans Advice fir the Day: Run, do not walk to sign up for Creative Chemistry 102! And Creative Chemistry 101, if you haven’t done THAT yet! Awesome information and ideas!

  16. Donna Gibson says:

    So excited for this class but don’t have any time this week to watch the content or play…boo. 🙁 Glad I can access it at any time, though, so I’ll be watching/playing while on vacation week after next!

  17. Terry says:

    I loved the class and learning more about Distress Paints! Finished my projects and can’t wait for the next class! Thank you!

  18. butterfly says:

    It’s so cool with the inspiration pieces as well as the techniques – wow! I’ve only managed to watch the intro so far, and I’m already so excited!
    Alison x

  19. mary blake says:

    Hope everyone has fun. I was hoping I could do this one. but we can’t afford it.. I guess I should be lucky to have internet at least I can see all this great info.

  20. Brenda Brown says:

    I’ve thoroughly enjoyed day 1 Tim, thanks for more inspiration and great teaching.
    hugs {brenda} x0x

  21. Linda Polaretzki says:

    Tim I’m so behind I haven’t had time to start yet!!! I’m working on Xmas projects using your products tho.

  22. Trying to catch up! I am done day 2 of Creative Chemistry 101:). How did I not know I could have started at any time. Can’t wait to finish 101 so I can start Creative Chemistry 102. Have fun everyone!

  23. Anita Ocampo says:

    I enjoyed day one of Chem 102 and can’t wait to watch todays instructions. Class is arranged great, videos are informative and I learned new tips and tricks! Thank you Tim and co.

  24. Roxanne says:

    Great first class of Chemistry 102! Videos are perfect and I like that you split them up according to each type of instruction! Cool! On to day 2! Yahooo!

  25. Cim Allen says:

    First day of school yesterday was AWESOME !!! Having a blast 🙂 Thanks Tim !

  26. Ann DeHart says:

    I love my distress paints, and I loved today’s class. Those 6 tags are gorgeous… I started by copying your ideas and will play more this weekend, expanding and adding my own little “twist” to each tag. Fabulous start… wish my real-life chemistry classes were this much fun!

  27. Gerry says:

    day 2 == can’t wait for my email

  28. rhonit says:

    patiently waiting for day 2 email, not really been on pinterest and FB and now back here. Loved day 1, I got to make samples as I watched each video and already got my print outs in my CC 101/102 binder. Loved loved loved the eroded metallic technique, ive had some distressed paint for awhile but with moving and remodeling I just haven’t had the time to sit down and create. glad I waited, know that I know what all they can be used for some remodeling projects might have just been put on hold. As always you ROCK! hey, Mario

  29. Marilyn R-Sprouse says:

    enjoyed day 1 of class after work, super excited to see class 2 using the stencils. don’t know if I can wait till I get home. may have to steal a peak on my phone.

  30. EmeralDQueen says:

    Sounds like so much fun. You are awesome Tim 🙂

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