days of chaos…

hi there bloggers… it never fails, when i leave town for any amount of time, things start to pile up around the studio.  for me, it can become a bit overwhelming when i get back and try to prioritize all that i need to catch up on while the addition of new tasks and deadlines keep on coming.  between art deadlines and emails, unpacking the suitcases, and getting supplies for my demos and workshops this year, it’s days like these that are all around chaos.  so here i sit wanting to blog about something fun and creative i’m making in the studio, but clearly that hasn’t been an option.  nevertheless i’m hopeful that this weekend i’ll be able to catch up, and get back in the studio to immerse myself in creativity – that makes it all worthwhile.  enjoy your weekend…t!m

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233 Comments to “days of chaos…”

  1. Jennifer Newcomb says:

    Just found out you’re coming to CT… so excited! On behalf of all of us you work so hard to come teach… thank you for all your hard work!!!

  2. diana says:

    My project right now and an ongoing one, is working on an altered book. I always try to make tags ahead of time so that can easily slip into books. There are 6 women in our rotation, and your embelishments and collage techniques are always welcomed by my friends. My next purchase is going to be the tissue paper in the box, which is so out of the box. Thanks….daily inspiration keeps me going. Diana

  3. Julie says:

    Welcome home! I hope that you were able to calm the chaos without too much frustration!

  4. Oh that really sucks. Nothing worse than coming home to chaos. I know you will make quick work of all the “catching up” stuff!! And you will show off your creativity again soon 8^)
    Take it easy and be well!!

  5. Pat Baker says:

    TOTALLY understand that feeling! While I do like the satisfaction that an organized studio (and clean work surface) gives – all the actual cleaning and organization takes away from my craftiness time! LOL! I feel like I am ALWAYS behind the CHAOS 8-ball – even after only ONE card on my table. That being said… I would help YOU at the drop of a HAT! 😉 A plane ticket and a map to the nearest Starbucks, and I’m your (& Mario’s) studio elf!

  6. I hope you were able to just sit back and relax for awhile. If you need any help sorting through supplies, I’ll be happy to help. LOL

  7. Kathy Andrews says:

    Chaos clearing first so that you can actually GET the moments to think creatively. (BTW, I’d be happy help – just give me the word.) Don’t forget to take a Tim moment to breathe and smell a rose during the storm. Take all the time you need; we will wait patiently.

  8. Ali from Cali says:

    don’t forget to breathe 🙂

  9. gail kennaugh says:

    Hope you too get work I mean have fun in the studio real soon.

  10. Sheron N says:

    It may be a whirlwind but would you change it for anything? Have fun creating this weekend!

  11. L Smoke says:

    All that love you do appreciate all that you do! Make sure that you take time for yourself, burnout is a … bad time.

  12. Tracy says:

    I was going to say Tim… on earth do you get time to take photos; load them; possibly alter them; then blog them!!! Good luck with chaos. I know that I have trouble creating in chaos.

  13. Carol Watson says:

    Welcome back…I just returned also from a couple of weeks in Texas and am hoping for some ‘timspuration’ to get me going again on my creative journey.

  14. Emily Barker says:

    I wish it were in my power to let you take a week or two off. We all need it, and after reading an article this morning in a 2007 magazine about your career life, I know you need it more than most. Don’t worry about the blog…we’ll survive…a little while anyway!

  15. ionabunny says:

    Oh, I find you don’t have to leave town for things to pile up. Hope you get a chance for some therapeutic crafting soon….

  16. Isabelle M says:

    Have a safe trip and lots of fun!

  17. Naomi Davis says:

    We’re waiting for you.

  18. Sonja_Amsterdam says:

    That sounds very familiar! For me it’s housework now that my son has his week off school, vacation for him and double the work for me:-) I try to get my creative fix by making him things to play with and drawing miles of road for his toy cars to drive on:-)
    Hope you got to have some fun this weekend but if not I’m sure it won’t be long till you do.

  19. Helena says:

    You are a very busy person, so try and get caught up, take some down time if you can. I know you will be right a rain soon and thanks for taking some time out to blog we do appreciate you dropping this note!

  20. Barbie says:

    Hope you get a chance to be creative, but remember to enjoy the chaos!

  21. That sounds like the hectic journey I’ve been on this week. Pecious little time to give over to some much needed creative freedom while all around me my home has turned over to chaos since I’ve not been home to attend to it. Breathe in. Breathe out. Just got to roll with the craziness sometimes. Take care of what is most important!

  22. Christine Duffy says:

    Hi Tim, gosh I have always wondered how on earth you do it – ??? and it helps to know that everyone gets times when it seems like too much, reminds me of saying, ‘Before enlightenment, chop wood, carry water, after enlightenment, chop wood, carry water’. And of course that old chestnut, how do you eat an elephant?? one bite at a time. thanks for sharing with us and hope you have a refreshing weekend.

  23. Scrapmate says:

    Honestly I don’t know how you do it.

  24. Heather MacDonald says:

    Hope you enjoy your weekend and get some down/craft time!!!

  25. Holly Bott says:

    I guess there is always some work before all the magic happens!

  26. GailD says:

    Life is all about peaks and valleys….and striving for balance. This is your time to recharge before heading back up the hill again. You can do it, Tim!

  27. Take your time. We’ll be right here.

  28. Life does tend to bog us down, yours more than anyones. You always find time to keep in touch with us via your blog, and Mario”s BTS’s. Thank you for being the kindhearted, generous man that you are, and I hope the mojo never fades.

  29. Barbara Greve says:

    I hope you can get back to creating soon; for all our sake!

  30. ruby t says:

    Ohhh, the tales of woe from the uber famous crafty people! 🙂
    Travel can just mess things up, but you do go to great places and meet lots of smiling faces.
    Waiting to see what you cook up next….

  31. Glad to see from Mario’s tweets that you got your mojo back.

  32. ContagionKat says:

    I completely understand where you are coming from. I’ve got new shipments for supplies in and deadlines piling up for getting commissions done and eventually to get my site put together for sales. 🙂 Good luck!

  33. Life always has a way of taking us out of our fun! Cant wait to see what you have for us! I am sorry I have not gotten to do the tag this month… I actually found out that I am pregnant…3 months and had no clue……SO, I have been working on baby stuff…. Hope to keep up my Tim stuff too!

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