creative chemistry 102 graduation day…

bloggraduatehey everyone!  it’s a big day for my creative chemistry 102 graduates as they go out into the artful world filled with the technique know-how, inspiration, and confidence to explore their creative possibilities.  i just want to share my appreciation to all of the great students, to the wonderful team at for providing the ultimate teaching platform, the talented group of guest artists for sharing their inspiration, and to mario for all of his BTS (behind the scenes) help and support.  it was another great creative chemistry semester, and the best part is that it’s never to late to be a student yourself and take part in creative chemistry 101 & 102 since there is lifetime access to the content.  i’m a proud “professor” today indeed…t!m

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114 Comments to “creative chemistry 102 graduation day…”

  1. butterfly says:

    So sad I couldn’t play along “live”, even though I was all signed up. But having seen everything the other graduates have been doing, I can’t wait to start catching up with the videos and techniques now the big house move is pretty much done.
    Alison xx

  2. Sara Gilles says:

    So bummed I missed this, but will be taking the class asap!! Thanks Tim for 101 looking forward to getting my hands dirty in 102!!!

  3. Cindy Marlow says:

    I love the lifetime access since I was actually on a cruise to Canada during CC102. I am home now and looking forward to exploring all the techniques at my leisure!

  4. Jean Barber says:

    Hi Tim
    Now that the last online class has finished will you be doing another one
    as I would love to take part.

    Cheers from Australia

  5. Sue from Colorado says:

    I really enjoyed the class. I learned a lot of great techniques I can put my imagination to. Last year, I referred to CC101 multiple times. I also think Tim Holtz has an easy clear teaching style. I hightly recommend the class to anyone who loves ‘Distress’ tools and products.

  6. Maura says:

    Sorry, not prof? – I do feel like you have earned professor!! (Little typo glitch)

  7. Maura says:

    Thank you, thank you prof? Tim for an amazing class!

  8. You crammed so much into every day that my mind is spilling over with possibilities.

    I can not wait till I finish some current projects to I can really go to town and play with all the amazing things we learned.

    You are an Awesome Professor and I so look forward to 103 🙂

  9. Penny says:

    Tim, Thank you for always coming up with new ideas and then sharing. I so look forward to your techniques, artsy creative ability and the fun. I do hope there will be a chemistry 103. What a wonderful and exciting teacher you are. Thank you it was AWESOME!

  10. debi smith says:

    Where can I get the craft paper that you use for the table covering?

  11. Nancy Walker says:

    I, too, like Cindy J, have retained the packaging from the stencils, knowing there is a project waiting in the wings for them! Great idea, Cindy!

  12. Crystal Tang says:

    Great techniques from “Professor Tim” It’s really inspire a lot.

  13. Maureen Bosch says:

    Just when you think you know all about creating with t!m…..and wham…..more techiques and ideas. Love it……thank you for a great time of creating.

  14. Angela C. says:

    I really enjoyed the course. I was able to expand on techniques I already knew and add on some new ones. Very fun and relaxing.

  15. Carmen Lucero says:

    I appreciate all your hard work and Mario’s too. That was a funny blooper of him in the kitchen LOL!


    Carmen L

  16. Jackie QH says:

    Congratulations to all the students ♥

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