CHA2016 show recap: ideaology…

1we are back in the studio after an amazing cha2016 show… you know from seeing the behind the scenes posts there is so much work that goes into getting ready for this show, so many people who contribute to make the show such a success, and so many moving parts that have to come together in creative harmony…and creative harmony it was!  i want to start by saying a very sincere THANK YOU to my team mario, paula, richele, and deb.  their hard work and dedication to everything “tim holtz” is truly recognized and appreciated – i couldn’t do what i do without them (love you guys).  also a huge thank you to the following talented designers who shared their creativity by making beautiful projects for my booths at the show:
emma williams
– zoe hillman
aida haron
vicki evans
cathie parreco
mou saha
shelly hickox
annette green
bobbi smith
lisa bebi
jan hobbins
vicki boutin
cheiron brandon
audrey pettit
richele christensen
paula cheney

over the next few days i’ll be sharing highlights of the booths, projects, and videos from the cha2016 show.  there is always so much that goes on throughout the show (booth set-up, workshops, VIP events, make & takes, etc.) yet in a flash it’s all over.  i think one of the cool things this year was how many attendees shared the show experience LIVE via periscope (including us) – it was amazing!  periscope is a free app you can download for your mobile phone or iPad that allows you to watch and more importantly interact LIVE and only keeps the video for 24 hours.  however my friend igirlzoe managed to somehow save several of the periscopes from the show so you can watch them by clicking here and here (thanks zoe)…

it all starts with two days of booth set-up at the convention center and thankfully mario doesn’t mind shipping, loading, and unloading a box or two (or twenty), and “hot wheels” doesn’t mind zipping him around, thanks nadine…


the idea-ology booth is always amazing to see the transformation into a nostalgic time capsule.  paula, richele, deb, and the amazing team at advantus work tirelessly unpacking all of the product and props for the booth and begin displaying everything…

3 5 6

attention to detail is always key, but this year paula and richele really inspired everyone with the addition of the two back walls they created and drove them to the show – nothing short of amazing.  the dapper wall featured a backdrop of fabric covered panels accented with rustic wood crates, old child’s chair, a suitcase shelf, eclectic vintage signage, and this cool vintage desk (thanks aleah) – i loved everything about this…

7 8 9 10

the second wall showcased the timeless perfection of tattered vintage wallpaper and torn book pages adorned with antique frame shadowboxes, a crushed velvet dress form, and shabby shelves – i think paula wanted this in her house…

12 13 14

without a doubt, every single project was over the top incorporating all things idea-ology (both old and new) into inspiring works of art.  i love seeing all of the products brought to life by these creations so it’s no surprise the idea-ology booth is always a favorite, can you blame me?

11 15

check out the video booth tour i did with sara from craft test dummies…

see you tomorrow as we take a tour of the ranger booth…t!m




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80 Comments to “CHA2016 show recap: ideaology…”

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  2. Cathy Osborne says:

    I would love to get lost in the Idea-ology booth. So many groovy things to see. So many beautiful layers and shapes…I love it.

  3. Jane Hunt says:

    fabulous thank you Tim and team.

  4. DebbieP says:

    So much eye candy. I LOVE it! Maybe someday I’ll get to one of these shows….

  5. Gigi B. says:

    Wonderful new products. Tons of possibilities.

  6. Trace metcalfe says:

    Yummy ! Idea-ology heaven what more can I say ! X

  7. Maureen Chandler says:

    Amazing products – can’t wait to see them in stores!!!

  8. patty williams says:

    Good stuff right there !

    patty in akron

  9. Janine Bertone says:

    Sure looks like tons of fun…..

  10. Dawn B says:

    As always, the team did a fabulous job setting up a spectacular booth! The beautiful projects made me want the new stuff, and to get out my “old” stuff and play!

  11. Marilyn Beaumont says:

    Amazing items. So many look like such fun to create with!

  12. Rosann says:

    Just so cool to see these samples up close and then see them again to catch all the amazing details. Your Designers are over the top awesome !!

  13. Lagene says:

    Wow I wish I could have been there! I love your nostalgic elements for displays!

  14. Karen says:

    As always, your stand looked AMAZING!!!! I would love to visit CHA and check out your fabulously creative displays first hand.
    Thanks for sharing your creativity t!m, it’s always such an inspiration.

  15. TheresaMP says:

    lots of fun stuff to play with – again. thanks as always for sharing.

  16. Susie Quebedeaux says:

    I love seeing videos of CHA! One day my dream will come true and I will get to see you and Mario (and attend CHA in person)

  17. Reah Feiertag says:

    CHA always blows my mind. So many wonderful things to see.
    Sometimes life gets in the way of seeing the periscope tours.
    So very glad you do these independent tours and post them for us.
    Can’t wait to get ahold of some of the new products.
    Thanks again.

  18. Paulette S. says:

    It looks AMAZING!! Your team does a great job job setting and staging everything.

  19. Barbara Tibbles says:

    Great work guys and girls. Can not wait to some of this stuff gets to New Zealand. Cheers Barbara Tibbles

  20. barbara lassiter says:

    This is so gorgeous! Would love to experience this show just once in my lifetime! 🙂

  21. Wilma Fox says:

    What amazingly talented people you have at your fingertips, they all deserve a big pat on their backs, love all their work in setting up the stage for the big reveal.
    Great work everyone.

  22. Ann W says:

    Your booths are always so gorgeous. Thanks for sharing the pictures.

  23. Zoe Hillman says:

    It amazes me how your transform the booth from all those boxes to somewhere we all want to live! Thanks for all the BTS and scoping, it was so fun to follow along. You’re all simply fantabulous. 🙂

  24. Carol C says:

    Wow! Everything looks amazing!

  25. Judith strausbaugh says:

    Love all the images and decorations in your booth. It must have taken many, many hours to create and then assemble. Fantastic.

  26. Rose Curtis says:

    love seeing your booth Tim, it’s always amazing! So many details… i could spend days in there! I didn’t have as much time this year at CHA so way cool that you are posting recaps!

  27. karenajo says:

    Nostalgia everywhere – what a spectacular booth !!!!

  28. Linda S. says:

    Such detail. What amazing displays. It makes me want to start working on my ancestor scrapbook pages.

  29. Janet Castle says:

    OH sooooooooo COOL!
    Paper Hugs,

  30. Noreen says:

    I can’t imagine the amount of effort that goes into creating and building the wonderful booths you have.

  31. So much AWESOMENESS!!!! :o)

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