back from cha 2013…

hey everyone!  well it’s good to be back home after being gone a week at the cha (create n’ connect) show in las vegas followed up by a couple days of much needed fun to celebrate mario’s birthday at disneyland…


i wanted to let you know that starting monday (tomorrow) i will be sharing the highlights from the show booth by booth.  each day i will feature one of the companies i designed product for at the show, the booth displays, the amazing samples (with close up photos), and even share some giveaways that we managed to stash in our suitcases from the show.  be sure to check the blog daily as this starts monday so if you’re viewing the blog via some type of feed reader, you may being seeing the posts a day late and i don’t want you to miss out on any of the giveaways…

today however, i’m sharing some pre-show pics since we arrived in las vegas 3 days before the show actually began.  there is always so much to get done for a show – lots of planning, prepping, packing, shipping, sample making, and setting up.  all of course with lots of help from friends to bring it all together which in the end it was a perfect show.  it’s funny though that shows always seem like a whirlwind to me!  there are so many friends i want to see and have a chance to walk the show floor, yet i never seem to have to time to do it (i need more hours in my days i think).  we started early sunday morning with booth set up and since i am involved with designing products for several companies at the show, there are so many details to get into place.  it’s crazy that when you first walk into the convention center all you see are crates, boxes, and wires hanging from the ceiling.  yet in 2 short days, we transformed it into a wonderful visually creative experience…

sizzixrangerbooth rangerbooth2 ideaology

on monday i taught 105 students in my distressed holiday card class for ranger.  the day started with a 6am class set up followed by a 2 hour jam packed workshop where the students got to make these 2 holiday card projects using lots of new distress, idea-ology, and the stamp/die combo set from sizzix and stampers anonymous…

class cabinetcard treecard

at the end of the class, we surprised the students with a bonus project that mario and sara spent literally weeks prepping and making 105 of these awesome christmas tag cards to give to each student 100% finished to display in their store (yes, they even laced all 105 ice skates)…

mariosara bonus

after class we headed back to the show floor to put the finishing touches on the booths to be ready for show time which all started the following day.  can’t wait to share more of the show details and creative inspiration this week on the blog.  be sure to check each day to see all of the great projects and displays, and more importantly, post a comment each day for your chance to win some of the new show stuff.  be back tomorrow starting with ranger…t!m


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471 Comments to “back from cha 2013…”

  1. Joyce Marcelle says:

    looks like you all have a great time ..little work and then relaxation 🙂

  2. winning this CHA would mean the world to me I could really make cards better. Being disabled my budget is low and I just can’t afford these things making cards keeps me busy.

  3. Barb Wagar says:

    I love the Figure Skating Card… that is awesome!

  4. Lorie Bailey says:

    Your talent awes me!

  5. Penny Pudge says:

    so time consuming but oh so much fun and creativity!!!

  6. Angel Chambers says:

    Will you please send that ice skate tag to me?!?! LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!!

  7. Jenny Johns says:

    Happy Belated Birthday Mario! Pretty aweeeeeesome pictures and love that your ‘helpers’ have smiles on their faces after all that hard work!

  8. Yelowflower says:

    How cool is this? Awesome stuff.

  9. facebook_tammy.valley.31 says:

    Happy belated birthday Mario! Wow, so great of Sara and Mario to spend all that time making those gifts. I am sure they will be greatly appreciated! So love what I am seeing!

  10. Jonnelle says:

    Those tags are awesome, Sara & Mario are the best!

  11. Terri Harmon says:

    How lucky for all the class participants to receive a bonus. You and your team are always so generous! 🙂

  12. Nichol says:

    Some many fun new products!

  13. Linda H says:

    As always projects are fabulous. Especially loved the skate tag!

  14. Yikes – that is a lot of skates to lace up! Having just looked through all of the booth photos, it was cool to see how it all started out.

  15. Kathleen Harrington says:

    Love Mario’s birthday Mickey ears. Call me crazy, but it looks like a bunch of fun setting up for the show! More coffee, please.

    Dear Santa, please bring me a pair of Tim Holtz ice skates for Christmas.

  16. Rupa says:

    Oh my! The tags that Mario/Sara made are just gorgeous. Super patient folks to lace up 105 skates 🙂

  17. Laura Strack says:

    Anticipation for all the new products is overwhelming! I can’t wait to play with anything that’s labeled Distress, Curiosities, Ideology,or Stampers Anonymous!

  18. Can’t wait to see all of theTim Holtz products! We are all goofy over Mickey ears. We have our Mickey ears on so we can hear about Tim’s new products from Ranger! Hope to win some golly gee terrific craft products! Mic..see you real soon key…y? Why? Because we like you! A

  19. Marilyn C. Lojek says:

    Love the samples! Can’t even imagine transporting all the stuff and setting up!

  20. Loraine says:

    I have watched all the videos, everyone needs a little glitter in their lives x

  21. Jean Pierce says:

    Love the skates on the tags!!!!
    I see lots of things that I MUST have!!!!!!

  22. stamping sue says:

    all the new products to look forward to! sure looks like mario is having fun.
    stamping sue

  23. Kim Gyuran says:

    Happy Birthday Mario! I can’t think of a better way to spend my b-day! Lovely skate tag too! It reminds me of my first pair of ice skates.

  24. Kathy K says:

    One of these years I am going to go to CHA! You always appear to have a great time. All the new stuff is so inspiring!

  25. Karen Z says:

    Well Tim. You really know how to keep the word excitement in the Craft World. Everything looks amazing. I’d love to know how you all come up with such great new creations every year.

  26. STI says:

    Just love Mario Mouse ! and because i am working in a Danish scrapbooking shop Love2scrap, I know the hard Work it is to put up the stand and as I have so Lucky to be at CHA twice I also know how nice it is

  27. Phyllis McKenna says:

    That ice skate is really nice. My daughter used to skate when she was younger and this would be perfect if I ever get to scrapping the ice skating pictures.

  28. Love the new stamps and your card and tag designs. Wish I could have been there. Looks like fun!

  29. Great new stuff.. love the tree card.

  30. Annette Y says:

    How cute are Mario and Sara. Bless their hearts.

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