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i love the shabby color palette of these vintage looking tea roses against the bold patterned design of the background.  this nostalgic floral accent is the perfect compliment for the new frameworks dies, and the inspiration for this month’s tag.  now you may remember the first time i shared these flowers from that august 12 tags of 2012 using the tattered pinecone die.  well it’s a technique i’ve used many times, and with spring in air let it’s time for your creativity to be inspired, and see just how simple this tag is to create, let’s get started…t!m


  • surfaces: #8 manila tag, 8×8 paper stash, grungeboard
  • dies: frameworks trellis, tattered pinecone
  • embellishments: tissue tape, philosophy tag, wire pin, mirrored
  • trimmings: crinkle ribbon
  • distress ink: worn lipstick, tattered rose, scattered straw, squeezed lemonade
  • distress paint: iced spruce, evergreen bough
  • mediums: multi-medium
  • adheisves: hot glue
  • tools: mini blending tool, mister, collage glue stick, heat tool, sanding grip, cork, vagabond, toothpicks

DSC09336step 1: die cut grungeboard from trellis frameworks (we will use this as our “frame”).

DSC09337step 2: die cut mirrored and cork from trellis frameworks (we will use these “pieces”).

DSC09338step 3: cut scraps of cardstock and adhere to grungeboard with a collage gluestick.

DSC09339step 4: die cut collaged grungeboard from trellis frameworks (we will use these “pieces”).

*check out the frameworks video from cha…

DSC09345step 5: adhere various strips of tissue tape to a #8 tag to create a background collage.

DSC09346step 6: shake distress paint and apply over collaged tag.

DSC09347step 7: mist painted tag with water to blend color.

DSC09349step 8: begin blotting excess water and paint from tag, they dry with heat tool.

DSC09350step 9: ink tag with distress ink using mini ink blending tool – the tissue tape with resist most of the distress ink.

DSC09351step 10: flick water droplets over the inked surface.

DSC09352step 11: dry the water droplets with a heat tool or blot off with a towel.

DSC09353*this is the cool mottled effect created by layering distress paint and distress ink.

DSC09354step 12: lightly swipe distress paint over the grungeboard “frame” and let dry.

DSC09355step 13: lightly scuff over the grungeboard with a sanding grip to expose grunge.

DSC09356step 14: ink over the grungeboard with distress ink using a mini blending tool.

DSC09361step 15: cut the framework into sections and adhere together the tag using multi-medium.

DSC09362step 16: ink the edges of the “pieces” with distress ink using a mini blending tool.

DSC09363step 17: adhere some of the “pieces” back inside the “frame”.

DSC09364step 18: remove the paper backing of mirrored “piece” and adhere inside the “frame”.

DSC09366step 19: remove the protective film from mirrored to reveal.

DSC09367step 20: die-cut two tattered pinecone shape from paper to create the flowers.

DSC09368step 21: die-cut two juniper shapes from paper to create the greenery.

DSC09369step 22: create two flowers following the video instructions below…

*check out the versatility of the tattered pinecone die

DSC09370step 23: ink the flowers with distress ink using an ink blending tool.

DSC09371step 24: adhere the flowers and the juniper to the tag with hot glue.

DSC09373step 25: colorize crinkle ribbon by misting the ribbon with water and swipe distress ink over the ribbon, crinkle in a ball to dry, and tie around tag.

DSC09382the details: a painted philosophy tag pinned to the colored ribbon accents the small paper roses and intricate detailing of the frameworks.

congrats to the winners from the march 12 tags of 2014.  if you see your name (and it links to your tag), please email mario@timholtz.com to claim your prize…
1. ann chuang
2. lime green flamingo
3. lorraine
4. zoe russell
5. marianne
6. vintage plaid
7. alison/craftytrog
8. maggieh
9. buttons
10. laurie y
11. ana de isabel
12. lucki

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119 Comments to “12 tags of 2014 – april…”

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  2. Martha says:

    Tim, thanks for all the wonderful inspiration you provide!

  3. Lisa Leavitt says:

    Two hours till the next tag … I’m sure I’m not the only one checking in to see if you’ve posted it yet (January – April has been amazing so far and for once, I’ve kept up on “My takes” 😀

  4. Judy Cantrell says:

    Tim, I love this tag! I really need to get that framework die. Your roses are gorgeous!

  5. EmeralDQueen says:

    I made it just in time!!! Love it Tim it was a fun Tag 🙂

  6. Deb Horst says:

    Just got my tag for April posted….I love love love how it turned out!! Thanks again, Tim, for the great inspiration and technique tutorials!!

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  10. Colleen Dickinson says:

    Hi Tim and Mario,
    Just linked up this month’s tag. This one is my top favorite so far I love, love those little roses. Thanks for the detailed instructions and pics.

  11. Can you mail me more details please. I am new to crafting and would love to join in with the tags. Have we to use all the ingredients and create something similar or do you just use what you want from the list and make a tag?

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  13. onel says:

    The tag is so beautiful and stunning. I so love the distress look!!

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  17. Maureen says:

    Yay! Got my tag done and added… thank you Tim; what a great tutorial this month. I never would have thought a pinecone die would make such amazing tea roses! They are now my favorite and I know I will be using it so much from now on!

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  20. Silvia says:

    Another wonderful tag and great inspiration. Thanks 🙂

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  23. Mrs B says:

    Hi Tim. Great tag, I love the new trellis framework die. Take care.

  24. die amelie says:

    One of my all time favourites of your 12 tags, Tim! Thanks for the trellis die! It’s so very inspiring!
    Greetings from Vienna,
    Claudia – aka die amelie

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  26. Gigi Black says:

    I just love the frameworks dies. There are sooooo many uses for them which makes it the perfect “go to” die for a neat effect. Great design, Tim.

  27. Elise Kohagura says:

    I love this tag so much – just wish I could have found the pinecone die locally. Using some of these techniques on a pen holder too:) Thanks for all the inspiration Tim!

  28. For a few years now, I have seen bloggers creating pieces based on your artwork style, and I was finally inspired to enter one of your challenges.

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  31. Laura Mooney says:

    I seriously love that die! It must come live with me. Think it’s going on the birthday list.

  32. romain says:

    It’s my first time Here
    im a men from France and i just begin this style 🙂

  33. tincan says:

    Wow, I loved looking at all these tag entries that everyone shared. This month has the best, most inspired and the most varied interpretations of all the tags this year so far….I think anyway. I dont know if I will be able to get one in – Frameworks haven’t quite made it to South Africa yet….too sad about this.

  34. I always enjoy playing around with my TH tools and media. Blessings!

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  37. Sandi ParrottFlorida says:

    Loved doing this tag. Finally used the mirror and grunge board that the project called for.

  38. Karin says:

    WOW fabulous Tag TIm! I’m really loving these new framework dies.

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