tim holtz app + new products = organized…


thanks again for all of your comments this month about the newly released products for summer 2014.  i know many of you have expressed a “want” or “need” for some of these new items so i wanted to re-post this video reminding you about my FREE tim holtz app available for iPhone and android users (*note: if you want to install this on your iPad, you still need to search/download it in the iPhone app area of the iTunes store).  this app is the perfect way to stay organized, create those “wish lists” (since all of the new products are now on the app), and of course the feature to email your “wish list” to your favorite retailer, etc.  it’s also one of the best ways to stay connected to my blog, video tutorials, social media, and pinterest pages – so have fun with it…t!m

Tim Holtz Creative Chemistry 101