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    cha 2015 sneak peeks – ranger ink

    CHA 2015 Sneak Peek | Ranger Ink | www.timholtz.com

    here we are, the final day of CHA sneak peeks!  i’m so excited for the show starting tomorrow, but even more excited about my new release products from ranger.  for over 10 years now, distress products have been a creative evolution of innovation.  the unique properties, nostalgic color palette, and superior formulation of these products Continue Reading

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    12 tags of 2014 – november…

    there’s nothing better than the warm colors of an autumn pallet.  this time of year showcases nature’s beauty with the changing of the fall foliage into brilliant shades of gold, reds, and rust.  living in the mountains of northern arizona we don’t necessarily get to encounter the same vivid colors i’ve seen in new england, Continue Reading

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    12 tags of 2014 – august…

    our style is as unique as our individual personality, the art we make is an expression of that, and sometimes we simply have to follow that creative muse… now usually i try to have an idea of what i want to create before i start the tag each month however this month i didn’t plan a Continue Reading

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    12 tags of 2014 – february…

    hard to believe the first month of this year has already flown by.  it was certainly a busy one for me – how about you?  did you remember to “make time” to do something creative??? or…we’re you “too busy” to create a tag last month???  remember it’s never too late to get started on the Continue Reading