quirky turkeys…

hi bloggers!  as the days tick away one day closer to thanksgiving it seems my creativity is holding on to every aspect of fall holiday.  check out my illuminated autumn place cards idea over at the ranger blog today. thanks for all of your comments about the gilded glassine – a cool technique for sure that can be used year round on so many things.  today i had to share another fun idea i came up with using the paper rosettes.  i've been working on "perfecting" my rosette skills making it easier than ever to create these cool paper elements.  so today i'm sharing a brand new video showing my latest tips and tricks to making rosettes followed by step by step tutorials to create these "quirky turkeys"…

if you feel you've run out of time before the big day to make these little guys, trust me when i say they don't take much time at all.  this thanksgiving, as we acknowledge all that we’re thankful for, it’s also a time when we get together with family and friends.  here’s an idea to use these adage tickets on your holiday table to spark some creative conversation.  the definition of adage tickets reads: a word that embodies a common observation…  place a different word at each setting and then throughout the meal, go around and ask each person to use their word to express their own “common observation”…we just might have more to be thankful for than we realized…t!m

(below are some starter suggestions to get things going…)
SOAR  “what makes my spirit SOAR is _____”
ADORE “what i ADORE most about _____ is _____“
LOVE “what i LOVE about life is _____ “
BLISS “i am in utter BLISS when _____”
TRUST “what i TRUST most is _____”
LIVE “to LIVE is all about _____”
DREAM “i DREAM someday that ____”
PLAY “taking time to PLAY means ____”
WISH “if had had just one WISH it would be ____”
STORY “the title of my LIFE story should read ____”
HOPE “i HOPE that the world ____”
GIGGLE “the thing that always makes me GIGGLE is ____”


supplies: distress ink, ink blending tool, glossy accents, sticky-back canvas, scrapbook paper, adage tickets, memo pins, paper rosette dies (original and mini), hot glue gun

step 1: die cut one of each size paper rosette.

step 2: place a piece of tissue tape on the back side of each rosette strip.

step 3: trim the excess tissue tape from the smallest rosette strip.

step 4: create each rosette (following the steps in the video) but DO NOT adhere any of the medallion centers to ANY of the rosettes.

step 5: ink each rosette and center using distress ink with the blending tool.

step 6: stack all three rosettes together with the bottom of each rosette lining up and adhere each layer with hot glue.

step 7: adhere the SMALL medallion to the to center of the small rosette, and adhere the MEDIUM medallion to the center of the back of the largest rosette.

step 8: apply a dab of hot glue to the LARGE medallion.

step 9: place bottom rosette stack on to hot glue medallion.

step 10: download my quirky turkey template here and print on to sticky-back canvas in printer (note: you don't have to print this on canvas, you can simply print it on cardstock if you don't want the fabric).

step 11: cut the sheet of canvas in half.

step 12: remove paper backing from sticky back canvas.

step 13: place the printed side of the canvas on to a piece of cardstock, and place the plain canvas on the back of the cardstock sandwiching the cardstock in between for stability.

step 14: cut out turkey tops with your scissors.

step 15: ink the canvas with distress using your ink blending tool.

step 16: ink the front neck part with a little red distress ink for color.

step 17: adhere the turkey top to the front of the rosette stack with hot glue.

step 18: ink adage ticket with distress ink and insert into memo pin.

step 19: insert memo pin in between medallion in back of turkey.


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