Order your Signed Copy of Compendium Vol.III…

i’m excited to announce that my new book “A Compendium of Curiosities – Vol.III” is available to order here on my website. you know it’s hard to imagine, but back in 2010 i introduced this crazy book concept about writing a book that didn’t necessarily show you “how to make” something, but instead show you “how to create” anything.  the idea was more about writing a reference guide of creativity so to speak, a place where i could capture my thoughts, and share my ideas and techniques.  i designed the books with a spiral wire binding and hard cover that allow you to lay open on your craft table, and create right along with it.  just like the first two volumes, this third installment of the popular “A Compendium of Curiosities” series showcases the various tools i like to use, my inspiration for the products i design, step by step technique tutorials, and a creative gallery filled with finished project ideas to remind you of the endless possibilities of your imagination…

i just want to say thanks to all of you for supporting this “crazy” book concept.  i think these books are one of the most valuable creative reference tools to have, and i’m thankful many of you do too…t!m

if you’d like to order an autographed copy of the new book
A Compendium of Curiosities – Vol.III” directly from me,
click here to get yours today!





Purchase Tim Holtz' Compendium of Curiosities

Purchase Tim Holtz' Compendium of Curiosities

Purchase Tim Holtz' Compendium of Curiosities