new distress winners…


thanks for all of the great comments sharing your excitement for the “year of distress” in 2015.  if you see your name (and your comment) congrats you are the winners of a set of the new distress cracked pistachio products!!!

please email with your shipping info and we’ll get your new distress out to you.  be back tomorrow with an CHA2015 idea-ology post and another giveaway…t!m

Becky Sorensen: I love the new color. My oldest kid thinks it would be awesome to use in her artwork too. She has been wearing and liking this color since she was 3. It is also the way we can tell her apart in pictures from her twin sister. I would love to win and share with her. I love my distress inks and I have been using my distress powders a lot lately needing some texture on some projects. Thanks for the chance.

Jessica Connick: I LOVE the idea of a new distress color coming out every month for a year! What a great way to get people excited and psyched about the release of new product :) I look forward to seeing (and using) each and every one! I really like the full size distress ink pads the best because I find that they are so versatile as to what you can do with them. I use them in my card making and altered arts all the time! They do a great job giving any media the “pop” of color that is needed to give it that extra oommpphh!

Chelsea: I adore the new cracked pistachio color! I can’t wait to add it to my growing family of distress products. My favorite product has to be the distress marker. They were the first things I got in the distress line as a new card maker and I have discovered so many ways to use them over the years! Thanks for all your hard work and creative inspiration!

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