imagine that! amazing…

hey bloggers!  i honestly have no idea where to start recapping my amazing weekend of teaching in roswell, new mexico at imagine that! scrapbooks.  really, it was an event unlike anything i've ever been part of, a store unlike anything i've ever seen before, and a place unlike any other.  i must tell you that i really didn't know much about roswell when i booked teaching at imagine that! this year.  the fact of the matter is they have been on my wait list for about 5 years and it was time to pay them a visit to teach.  the owner dene, and her family krista, bobby, jared, and of course aedan were all part of putting together this fun filled workshop event at their store.  located in a historic building on downtown main street roswell, this store is literally packed with anything a paper crafter could want.  the staff also worked tirelessly to make sure everything was in order for the weekend.

Imaginethat we arrived in roswell and made a quick drive around checking out this little town and asking lots of questions about the history and exactly what put the city of roswell "on the map".  no doubt the locals there seemed to have embraced this alien claim to fame so much in fact that just about everywhere you looked there were these eyes looking back at you.  here you can see these cool alien statues adorning the front of the store and mario had to get up close and personal with one of them to try and make contact…lol
the first day of class was unlike anything i've ever experienced before, a history making day so to speak.  it started with a meeting from the mayor of roswell Del Jurney where he read a proclamation making August 26th, 2011 Tim Holtz Extravaganza Day and presented me with a key to the city of roswell.  can you believe that?  i have a key to the city of roswell, new mexico?  simply incredible!  of course the day just continued to get better when i discovered that my 40 students had all signed up for all 4 classes so we got spend friday and saturday together.  there were lots of laughs, ideas and techniques shared, and of course a fun time shopping.
Proc check out this incredible gift basket that dene and krista presented us for our weekend survival kit.  complete with alien beer, snacks, t-shirts, and magnets.  they are truly wonderful people and i am so thankful to have finally had the opportunity to meet them and teach at their store.  when the weekend came to an end i was asked to leave my mark on a wall of their store – be careful what you wish for.
Wall so if you ever have the opportunity to get to roswell, new mexico – imagine that! scrapbooks is a must stop!  my sincere appreciation once again to dene, krista, crew, and my students  – what a talented group of new friends.  i thank each of you for sharing the journey, and for a visit that was truly out of this world (yes, pun intended)…t!m

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