i found my way…

…to san jose!  now i'm back bloggers and what an amazing weekend we had at scrapbook island.  laurie and her talented team of hardworking and creative ladies we're simply outstanding.  i can't thank all of them enough for their well recognized hard work in pulling off such a fun weekend event.  you see, this store has been on my teaching waiting list for the past 5 years – that's right 5 years.  at the winter cha show in january laurie and her team presented me with this incredible basket of hand-made tags from their customers asking me to come to her store – not to mention, my biggest and sweetest fan lucy works at the island too – how could i possibly say no to that huh?

as for the weekend?  it was really such a fun time.  the store and the classroom were all decorated with signs, tikis, and all things island to welcome me including this wonderful wall hanging using my papers, i told you her team was talented didn't i?

the classes were such fun.  so many excited people all sharing what we love to do…create!  lots of techniques shared, lots of products used, and of course that meant lots of shopping too.  a huge thank you to all of my students for sharing in this amazing creative journey.  the store was packed with everything the students could want and they were definitely very supportive to their local store at the island – thanks again everyone…

i also got a wonderful visit from my friend and talented designer may flaum, who took the time to spend the weekend with us helping out (thank you, thank you, thank you) we had a blast! – check out the weekend recap on her blog here

finally thank you to laurie for being such a wonderful host to us, and for making my first trip to the island a special one (the first of many i hope)…t!m


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