holiday inspiration how-to:

in today’s world of social sharing, inspiration is just a click away… whether you’ve been creating for years or new to this whole handmade holiday scene, there is no shortage of amazing ideas + inspiration.  like most makers i can’t get enough creative eye candy and in spite of my best efforts to tag, bookmark or screenshot something i can’t seem to locate the project again.  well i’m here to share a few “holiday inspiration how-to” tips to help you find that technique or tutorial you’ve been searching for to inspire your holiday makes…t!m

instagram: did you know you can view instagram on your computer as well as your mobile device?  this year i’m sharing holiday inspiration from makers all over the world on my instagram story. an instagram story allows me to post content in one place and continue to add to it throughout the season. you can view stories in your instagram feed for 24 hours before it’s automatically deleted unless it is saved as a “highlight”.  i’m saving the holiday series as a “highlight” so you can go back and watch the story whenever you want so here is how to find my instagram story highlight: 

instagram on mobile device
– download the instagram app then create an account
– tap the magnifying glass at the bottom and search tim_holtz
– once you find my account, tap my name (not the icon)
– on my profile page, tap the blue “Follow” button
– tap the HOLIDAY icon to watch the story highlights

instagram on a computer:
– visit then create an account
– type tim_holtz in the search bar at the top
– once you find my account, click my name (not the icon)
– on my profile page, click the blue “Follow” button
– click the HOLIDAY icon to watch the story highlights


website/blog: did you know you can search my website or blog?  just type what you’re looking for in the search box located in the upper right corner of my website.  to get you started i searched some of my favorite holiday posts packed with education and inspiration and provided the links below:

12 tags series: a decade of holiday tag tutorials from 2007-2016

2016 holiday inspiration series: tutorials from amazing makers

2017 holiday inspiration series: blog links to amazing makers

2018 holiday hacks: videos featuring time-saving tips

2019 stampers anonymous: facebook live replay + projects

2019 idea-ology: facebook live replay + projects

2019 sizzix: facebook live replay + projects

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