good things happen…

i always believe that good things happen to good people – at least it should anyways.  so i wanted to post about my friend bernie berlin who runs "a place to bark" – now i know many of you bloggers remember the charity drive i posted about last year on my blog to raise money for "a place to bark" – you all were amazing with your generosity.  well bernie is at it again to finish the shelter for the animals that last year's efforts helped to build – check out this great video.  what bernie is doing for the animals is simply beyond words, but you can read about her work here on "a place to bark" blog.  you can help, you can make a difference!  i know in this economy things are tougher than ever, but every little bit helps, after all there are strength in numbers. please check out the badge to the left and please give what you can – honestly, anything!  my sincerest thanks to all of you for doing what you can for "a place to bark" – together we can help save these animals….t!m

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