getting our posts on facebook???


hey everyone, if you use facebook then it’s no doubt, you know the frequent changes they like to make.  we’ve been getting many emails recently from people not receiving facebook notifications like they have in the past when we post on the Tim Holtz facebook page.

we’ve learned that one of the most recent changes has unfortunately removed posts from business pages you “Liked” from your news feed.  this means that in fact, many of you are missing our posts that include weekly tutorials, inspiration, giveaways, and behind the scenes posts – so i wanted to share a simple fix for that…

if you would like to receive notification for the Tim Holtz facebook page again, just visit the Tim Holtz facebook business page and move your cursor over the “Liked” button.  when you see the drop down menu, click on “Get Notifications” and a check mark will appear on the left.  it’s as simple as that (see below)…


once you’ve done this, you should get notifications whenever a new post is on the Tim Holtz facebook page so you’ll never miss a thing.  please share this with your facebook friends and thanks for continuing to share the journey…t!m

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