finally home…

what a trip!  it seems like i’ve been gone for months even though it was really weeks.  so much to catch up on, so much to do before my next trip, so much to share.  i had a great time on my final leg of the journey in holland.  this was my first visit there ever and what fun it was.  loved the canals, buildings, antiques, tons of bicycles, found some great food, and the people couldn’t have been nicer.  i want to thank everyone for showing up at the demos, workshops, and trade events in the uk and in holland.  i also want to say thank you for the many people who shared their artwork, kind words, and creativity with me throughout the trip – you definitely made it all worth while.  i’m happy to be home though, it’s always good to come home i think.  time to recharge, surround myself with all of the comforts home brings.  i thought i’d share a few pictures of holland – enjoy.  i’m busy unpacking today, trying to figure out which time zone i’m in, and working on the march technique challenge (it’s just days away!).  lots to do…t!m






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