festive party napkins…

DSC06248today we’re taking a technique i’ve shared a few times here on the blog (usually around christmas) and turning it into something “useful” especially for summer.  i mean we all know our creative supplies are useful, but this is something you can use around the house this summer for bbq’s or make as a fun gift to bring to a party!  well today we are putting that plan in action and creating some festive party napkins, but there are a few tricks you need to know first so let’s get started…

supplies: cut n’ dry felt, archival reinkers/vermillion/manganese blue/jet black, jet black archival ink pad, heat tool, americana blueprint stamp, grid-block

DSC06173step 1: stamp image on the fabric side of a piece of cut n’ dry felt using archival ink.  *note: this must be on the felt and not foam.

DSC06174step 2: cut the piece of cut n’ dry to size of stamp.

DSC06183step 3: before we start adding ink, you need to choose the right type of ink.

*IMPORTANT: i’ve always used distress reinkers in the past when working on cards, but since these are going to be on napkins we need to use a permanent and waterproof ink (otherwise your guests may not appreciate the “hint” of color left on their face…lol so we are using archival reinkers).

DSC06176step 4: begin coloring “on” the image using archival reinkers.

DSC06177step 5: continue coloring the areas of the stamped image, but remember we only need to color on the image part and not necessarily fill any white space.

DSC06184step 6: work on your next color area.  the cool thing about cut n’ dry felt is that once 2 colors touch each other on the pad, they stop and will not cross contaminate.

DSC06185step 7: the last color i use on the pad is black.  remember, you need to be sure to ink the areas you want to stamp out including text, etc.

DSC06186step 8: place the stamp over your newly created custom ink pad and lightly tap stamp on the pad – don’t press too hard!

DSC06188step 9: stamp the image on a piece of scrap paper a few times first to test it.  if the ink is too heavy, be sure to tap lighter next time when inking the stamp.

DSC06189step 10: now just stamp on a plain paper napkin and immediately dry the ink with a heat tool to keep it from bleeding into the thin paper.

DSC06190step 11: just keep inking and stamping on to paper napkins, paper plates, even paper cups to create the perfect party decor.

see i told you it would be “useful”.  yet another idea to be use for lots of other seasons throughout the year right?  well even if you’re not stamping napkins, i hope this reminder of an old favorite technique inspires you to make stuff.  i have another cool project tomorrow that will have you seeing stars…literally…t!m

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