exciting news…

hey bloggers!  i have some very exciting news to share with all of you.  it’s one of those things that simply happens for a reason, and you have to embrace the opportunity when you have it –  i think it’s best to read it in their words…
From Paula Cheney & Debbie Crouse:
” With that being said, I have a secret I’ve been keeping and it’s finally time to share it…
About a month ago I made the decision to resign from the 7gypsies design team.  Hard to believe it has been 7 years since Deb asked me to create a project for the CHA show booth!  What great thanks I owe her for that opportunity because it opened the first of many doors, from teaching, creating the 7gypsies show booth, and product design.
As you know, when something ends, it creates room for something new.  That something new came in the form an email from a friend.  When I read it, I knew it might just be my “Lucky Day”.  Seriously better than the first parking space at Target.
 (insert drum roll here)
 I have accepted a job to work with Tim (and Mario) as Creative Coordinator for Tim Holtz Brands.
I know…pinch me…what a opportunity, right? 
The Lucky Day opportunity doesn’t end there.  Tim also invited Debbie to be part of the team, so we will be going into this new adventure together.  Now rest assured, the gypsy girls are not going anywhere…you’ll still find us here at One Lucky Day, blogging about good junk, introducing new products and creating inspiring projects.  We’re excited to turn the page and see what’s in store in the next chapter of the journey.  It’s all about the journey, right?
For those of you going to CHA Summer in just a few short weeks, you will find us in the Idea-ology booth #323…so be sure to stop by and say Hi!  We’ll be the girls (and I use that term loosely) with the big smiles.”
talk about lucky?  how lucky am i to know such amazing friends in this industry and even more fortunate to welcome both of them to work with me.  such exciting news and incredible opportunities are ahead for all of us.  please visit their blog and join me and welcome them…t!m
Tim Holtz Creative Chemistry 101