cruise countdown…

hey bloggers!  in less than 48 hours we will be heading off for my 2010 crafting cruise with scrapmap and 160 very excited students.  we're heading to canada and new england this year to share 10 days of creativity and experience nature's artful hand with the amazing fall palette of colors that awaits us.  of course getting ready for an event of this size at sea has been months and months of prep work from my team and team scrapmap.  bookings, supplies, prepping, kitting, and shipping all takes hours of time and attention to every detail is key.  my sincere appreciation to everyone who has helped with this year's adventure.  of course there is still lots of work to be done for a couple more store visits i have planned for this year, so unfortunately some of my team will be staying behind to continue the work that needs to be done in the studio (they aren't much into travel anyways).  soon we'll be off on our voyage, but first i wanted to share a few pics of some of the behind the scenes work that went into this year's voyage…t!m

Prepcruise Prepbook

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