Creative Chemistry 102…

cc102blogI’m happy to announce my next online workshop with .  If you were part of the educational fun last year with Creative Chemistry 101, get ready to continue the creative adventure with Creative Chemistry 102.  Discover your creative inner “scientist” in this second installment of the popular Creative Chemistry course with me  as we explore the “science” behind inks, glitter, paints – and so much more!

Packed with techniques galore, this one-week course is designed to further your artistic confidence and technique know-how to take your creations to the next level. Building on the ideas and concepts introduced in my first Online Card Classes course, Creative Chemistry 101, I will teach you the technique “hows” and “whys” using my signature products from Ranger to get the most out of these creative tools. And, because it’s an Online Card Classes course, there will be loads of giveaways, step-by-step instructions, examples from guest artists, and more.
Plus, Creative Chemistry 102 includes hours of technique demonstration videos and downloads from professor Tim himself (that’s me)!

Registration fee: $25. Class starts October 7 – click here to sign up!

Prerequisite: Creative Chemistry 101 is a required prerequisite for this course. When signing up for Creative Chemistry 102, you will need to first log in to Creative Chemistry 101 to receive an access code.

If you have not taken Creative Chemistry 101, now is the time! They’re offering a $2 discount on Creative Chemistry 101 registration until Creative Chemistry 102 starts on October 7. Sign up today and get caught up before Creative Chemistry 102 begins!

Looking forward to seeing you in class soon…t!m

Tim Holtz Creative Chemistry 101