creative chemistry 101…

well bloggers, my last lesson for creative chemistry 101 is today, and what a journey!  in the 10 years i’ve been teaching, nothing has compared to this level of education i was able to share.  no time limits, no projects to complete, just 100% sharing of techniques and ideas.  it was truly one of the most rewarding teaching experiences i have ever done.  the best part for me, is that creative chemistry 101 will always be available, both to the people who have already taken it, and those that wish to take it today, tomorrow, or years from now.  i’m so thankful to for this platform to share what i sincerely love to do.  of course on monday i will share the final post of “bloopers” from the past 2 weeks of videos, and over 25 finished card samples using the techniques we’ve learned.  be sure to watch this video below if you still want to take part in creative chemistry 101 – it’s never too late…t!m

Tim Holtz Creative Chemistry 101