congrats mini distress ink winners…


what a fun day this has been to celebrate the release of three new mini distress ink kits with our all day giveaways!  thanks for playing along on social media (there’s still time to win on facebook, twitter, and instagram so be sure to check it out) and for all of the great comments you’ve posted here on the blog.  it’s been great to share the excitement for these new mini distress inks to be shipping.  so if you see your name (and your comment) congrats on being a blog winner…t!m

please email to claim your prize of one of the new mini distress ink kits:
1. Theresa B: Love the minis and their “stackability”. They take up less room on my messy desk. Stuff going vertical is a good thing around here.
2. Kim S. (nerdgrl): Favorite thing about the minis? Just one thing? That they’re mini, that they are made by T!m, the colors. Love them all!
3. Janie T: I love the portability of the mini inks. less to carry around than the regular distress inks…which I do all the time.
4. Tanya Watts: OMG I have loved distress inks from back in the days! Vintage photo was my first.
These minis just make me smile! The cuteness!!
5. Memoriesbymanda: I ink the edges of everything before I glue them to my layouts so these minis are the perfect size for this and will save my markers which I normally use. I love that you have the labels on the Ranger website too. I have used the distress stain and paint ones and it looks so fab!
6. Aniva J Dalby-Meseberg: I don’t have a twitter or instagram account and I liked your Facebook page ages ago so I could follow you around the globe and I believe it only lets you like a page once ~ I posted on another one of your blog entries and noticed over 700 replies – I’m terrible about drawings and when the odds get up to 700 to 1 ~~~ Well, just saying ~~~ Im collecting your minis regardless if I ever caught that one in a million on a drawing…

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