congrats eclectic elements fabric winners…


thanks for all of the wonderful comments about the new collection of eclectic elements fabrics.  i am so excited to start seeing projects created with them when they start shipping in june.  i’ve also been so inspired by the many creations using my first release of eclectic elements fabrics.  be sure to let us know if you’ve created anything using the fabrics so we can add it to our eclectic elements pinterest page.  congrats to the following winners of a fat quarter roll of their favorite new release design.  if you see your name and your comment, please email to claim your prize.  thanks again everyone…t!m

Maura: Ok , my fave is Traveler. Now, that aside, this is just amazing! Gorgeous samples and so inspiring to me to start working more with fabric. I must say Tim, you are glowing with happiness. What a great crew to support your endeavor from Mario to all your designers and friends. Congratulations on another stop on this creative journey!

Emily Barker: Surprisingly, your post has really inspired me to get out the sewing machine, if even to sew your new line of fabrics onto cards and other papercrafts (my passion). I love them all, but if asked to pick a favorite it would be the advertising/cabinet cards, followed by those bottle caps! Anything that speaks of a collection! It’s odd that I collect vintage and antique sewing stuff, and I don’t sew! I think it started with a BIGZ die purchased years ago–my first!

Barbara Mason: I love the Hat tags?!? tan, white, black with numbers…but all of the fabric is so cool…just got an old RV that needs sprucing up!!! Hmmmm….

Sherry Winchester: Hi Tim! You are an amazing man! When do you have time to sleep????…Your fabrics are fantastic!…My two(how could I choose just one?)favorites are the floral and the postage stamp designs…But I love the others, too…I can see so many project uses for these!…Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Laurie Allen: Favorite one, you are kidding me right? Well, if I have to declare, I guess it will be the map as I already have a design project in mind for it!!!! I will have to come back to this several times as there is so much to look at and absorb in these photos! You are wonderful and your design helpers………sublime! Thanks for the post, I have been excited to see!!!!!!!

maneki: Lovely fabrics! It’s hard to choose a favourite, not least since the different designs work for different types of projects so it really depends on what one wants to do at the moment the question is asked — but growing up with a dad who loved DIY and working with wood (and saving old things), I’m especially drawn to the beautiful old rulers as we always had many well worn rulers around the house.

Jennifer Rogers: Your new fabrics are awesome- perfectly distressed- just how we like them. All of the designers have done an amazing job! My favourite pattern? Black Croc. No doubt about it. I am going to wear this stuff, upholster with it, dress our bedroom with it- I am obsessed. My husband knows I have a history with crocodiles and will definitely go with this choice, so roll on June!

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