cha-winter 2012…idea-ology (part 1)

well bloggers it sounds to me from reading your comments that you’re also loving the new stamps – thanks so much… so i think it’s time for some idea-ology today!  i have to tell you that the samples i’ve been seeing from the designers i’ve asked to make some things are simply over the top.  i can’t wait to share the inspiration with all of you once they’re all set up in the booth at cha.  one of things i like most about idea-ology is the fact that each release i do is designed to tie in with all of my previous releases in the line, the papers, findings, and fasteners really compliment each other – this year is no exception.  this release is all shipping in march – time to get those creative ideas going…t!m

let’s start off with something i am really excited about, my second book “a compendium of curiosities vol.2”.  just like the first book, volume 2 is jam packed with more ideas, inspiration, and techniques in inspire your creative journey…

of course my journey was also inspired by my new paper stash “destinations” which is a collection of all things travel related.  everything from classic vintage state postcards, license plates, travel ephemera from ships, planes, trains, and automobiles, postage stamps, cigar labels, toy cars, and so much more.  something else i really like is the backs of each of these papers are various patterns and textures from actual vintage suitcases.  remember just like my other paper stashes, this pad contains all of the double-sided designs in 12×12, 6×6, 2×2 snippets, atc & borders…

his new book of salvage stickers is filled with 261 of the coolest cardstock stickers for travel lovers.  the die cuts around each sticker in this one is amazing.  complete with vintage postcards from all 50 states, plenty of individual license plate alphabet stickers to create any words you want, and my favorite is this mini travel label set with 71 individual mini travel labels sized 3/4″ to 1″…

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