cha-summer previews…ranger

happy monday bloggers!  time for another cha product preview and today it's all about ranger.  i am so happy to finally get to share the news that everyone has been asking for…new distress stains.  it's no surprise how much i love the distress stains.  i've been using them on so many projects, using them in my workshops, they are great to stain ribbons, papers, kraft resist, and so many other porous things.  the most challenging thing for me was only having 12 of the distress colors at first.  so right away after their initial launch at cha-winter, we began working on the remaining 24 colors of the distress palette!  i can't even begin to tell you how excited i am for you to get to work with these colors too…

however as i began working with all of the colors of distress stain i had an idea of making this product even more versatile and since we have (white) picket fence in distress stickles and distress crackle, i was hoping it would be possible to add it to the distress stain line.  once again our chemists at ranger took the challenge to create a fluid, opaque, white distress stain – picket fence.  this opens up so many incredible looks to create that vintage shabby chic effects, timeless whitewash hues, and the ability to marbleize the translucent stains with the opaque white.  now you can use these stains on darker surfaces including black cardstock, over kraft resist and more.  i'll definitely be doing a video in this one so stay tuned…
with the addition of white picket fence to the distress stains, my mind was spinning at the possibilities of what adding this opaque color allowed me to do with the stains…then i got to thinking what about alcohol inks?  well why not?  i'm also happy to introduce a new color to my adirondack alcohol line snow cap mixative.  if you're familiar with the translucent palette of the adirondack alcohol inks as well as the opaque metallic mixatives there's no doubt you'll also go crazy for the new snow cap mixative.  now all of my translucent inks can me made pastel which allows you amazing agate effects on glossy cardstock, and when used on metals together with the alcohol ink colors, gives a cool patina effect on metals.  talk about opening up a whole new world of possibilities…

and lastly,  ranger has answered many requests to make distress clear rock candy crackle paint available.  woo-hoo!  i know many of you have been wanting this too since it's by far the most versatile of the crackle paints since it's clear.  use it on anything porous including papers, grungeboard, and wood so no doubt i've already used it on a piece of furniture.  home decor has never looked so good.  now whether i'm using it to collage on canvas, crackle frames, or even a book cover, this new 4oz. jar of clear rock candy will have you crackling away.  so i hope you're as excited for these new additions to my signature line with ranger, i can't wait to share all of my ideas of what i've been doing with them.  you have no idea how happy i am to finally be able to share all of these exciting new products with all of you.  of course more product preview to come tomorrow…t!m

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