cha-summer product preview… idea-ology

it’s that time bloggers…cha summer is just around the corner so let’s start some product previews!  i am so excited to share many of the new release products i have coming out at this show.  there will be some great projects to share once it’s showtime, but for right now, i want to show you the products so you can start imagining your own creative uses for them…

today is all about idea-ology where the theme is definitely seasonal.  there are festive new papers, embellishments, and even some cool new surfaces.  it’s going to be a creative time…t!m

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  1. bcuusnc says:

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  3. Ceyda says:

    Boy that rellay helps me the heck out.

  4. Debra New says:

    This collection is so inspiring. I can’t wait to get my greedy little hands on this collection. Thank you so much for sharing your creativity

  5. Monica says:

    I really love your products and techniques, Congratulations!!! Sadly in my country (Guatemala, Central America) we don´’t have the opportunity to purchase because we don’t have a store specialized in scrapbooking. : (

  6. Julie says:

    Can’t wait to play with the frosted film, mirror sheets and melange tissue! Thanks for thinking of the practical, too…I already need those long screws!

  7. Pamela Bennett says:

    This is to difficult to pick a favourite, I love it all sooo much! Can’t wait for these to be released.

  8. Kathy P says:

    You amaze me! Every new release is filled with joy and beauty. I love the Woodlands trees and wreath. I’m redoing my parents 1950’s cardboard houses and the wreath will add the finishing touch the houses need. Thank you!

  9. Nicky Bookout says:

    Can’t wait to play with all the fun new products!

  10. Lesa Duncan says:

    I am adding the wish list and it is getting pretty long! Love it all! Lesa

  11. karenladd says:

    I love everything but especially those word stickers and the PAPERS!!! Gorgeous designs and colors!

  12. Betsye Rose says:

    There are so many things I can’t wait to own! Especially the tinsel twine and the vintage Christmas pad.

  13. My oh my! Where to begin? FAB-U-LOUS!

  14. Kate says:

    mmm…more goodies for me to want to play with…can’t wait for the rest of the previews.

  15. Awesome!! Loving all of the fun stuff and already thinking about my holiday gifts!! Thanks for sharing and have a fabulous week!!

  16. Wonderful ! So excited !

  17. Lynne V says:

    Wow, I am so looking forward to being able to have some of the new lines to play with:)

  18. jo ross says:

    fab stuff! you so inspire me I’m going to make something right now!

  19. Erin Glee says:

    I love it all and want it all, but the new Christmas paper stash looks extra delish! You’re the best, Tim!

  20. annheidel says:

    Fun stuff! I can’t wait to see how you use it.

  21. Kaye says:

    So much product – so little time. Bring on CHA 😉
    K xoxo

  22. Joyce says:

    Fabulous! Just Fabulous! Love the alphabet tiles

  23. Laurie T says:

    Wow! Loving this stuff! 🙂

  24. Di F says:

    Loving all the new playthings. Can’t wait to haul some home and create. How sweet is that little bitty lantern, tinsel, and new tissue paper!

    Hope to see wonderful things coming out of the studio and around the country with your classes.

  25. ManuMamma says:

    Great t!m-ology !!!

  26. Valerie says:

    HI !

    Loving the new items for this release, will be looking forward to the Holiday Past paper 🙂 hopefully it will be in Canada before Valentine’s Day! All the best.

  27. Lisa M. Pace says:

    This release is AMAZING!!! I LOVE it ALL!

  28. ruby s says:

    The new Seasonal Papers look great. I like having something around like this so I do not forget to get it and then have the holiday fast approaching and me left with no supplies.
    The Bottle Brush Tree and Wreath are so cute and will get lost of use from all. Perfect
    thanks t!m

  29. Barb S says:

    Tinsel twine, tissue paper, mini trees and a real lit LANTERN! Can-not-WAIT!

  30. Karenajo says:

    WOW – Christmas in July – love it. Paper string who would of thought of that – great embellishments !

  31. Donna says:

    Can’t wait to get my hands on custom fasteners and trimmings. I have been making an advent calendar. Some of the panels needed something more?? These will be perfect. It’s all great.

  32. Cath Sheard says:

    Oh lordy lordy lordy – I want to shop….

  33. Charmaine says:

    Amazing stuff…love the tinsel!

  34. rhonda nickol says:

    I am not a summer girl, but the one thing i do love about this time of year is the sneak peeks of CHA and Tim you always blow me away with your products! One of each please!

  35. Renee M. says:

    Oooh–I especially like the papers, tinsel twine, and brads!

  36. RMarijaR says:

    The frosted film and string have got my attention. Looking forward to seeing your awesome samples of inspiration!

  37. Alicia Gnam says:

    Love the new releases, especially the paper stashes and paper string! I can think of so many uses for it all! 🙂

  38. Dana D. says:

    Love it all

  39. Karen E says:

    Love the new line, it inspires my creativity. You are a master at knowing what products to bring to market to build on our creativity. Thank you.

  40. Terri says:

    I love those wreaths, little trees & tinsel but those little lanterns are awesome. I can see them in all of my projects!

  41. karen barker says:

    wow all the new products look exciting can’t wait to play with them

  42. Wow! What a gorgeous selection of new goodies – absolutely brilliant, so loving that lantern and the trees, ooh, feeling quite Christmassy all of a sudden

  43. TheresaMP says:

    What’s not to love! When I got as far as the bottle brush trees, I laughed out loud. What fun. Great embellishments for creating holiday goodies. Thanks as always for sharing. Sure am going to miss the 12 tags of Christmas with all these goodies to play with.

  44. Linda D says:

    Mirrored paper? That you can die-cut? What WILL you think of next?!!

  45. Sharon Owen says:

    Love the Christmas paper pack. My mind explodes with ideas for the frosted film. Stamping, die cutting umm. I love the tinting of the vintage photos. Can’t wait to play.

  46. Shelly P. says:

    Oh my! Love everything! Christmas is my favorite and can’t wait to get these and play!

  47. Awesome new decorative elements. I can hardly wait.

  48. Christine Willard says:

    I’m super in love with the Tinsel Twine for Autumn, and the Festive Foliage!!! But everything looks so great, I didn’t expect anything less…

  49. EmeralDQueen says:

    I absolutely love everything that you have added to your ideology line. Great products Tim love them all!!!

  50. Whoa! Fabulous stuff! I can’t get enough of that paper!!

  51. Lisa M says:

    Fabulous new stuff…list of favs woodlands, mini lantern, tinsels, mini lantern, trimmings, mini lantern, frosted film, mini lantern, custom fastners and did I mention I LOVE the mini lantern. Looks like another great release.

  52. lydia says:

    love all the wonderful goodies !

  53. cheryl c says:

    Love the new surfaces …. mirrored, frosty film and melange tissue!

  54. Gabby says:

    Terrific new products! 🙂

  55. Natasha W says:

    Everthing is on my wish list!

  56. Gail Kennaugh says:

    I Want, I Want, it all . but the clutch crowded Attic is so pretty

  57. Simply Sandy says:

    Yay! What wonderful new things!

  58. Sherry says:

    Wow I can not wait to get my hands on these, awesome new products!

  59. Need. Want. Must have all. First on my list: custom fasteners, paper string, tissue paper, lantern, heap of kraft resist seasonal stash and festive foliage.

    *** please move captcha image above submit. I keep forgetting it too. Thank you. 🙂

  60. Nonnie says:

    i particularly like the tinsel and the trees!

  61. Cassi says:

    Ps – I agree with previous comments about the placement of the captcha image. Frustrating to have to start over gain.

  62. WOW lots of new items added to the brand line. I’m really curious about the frosted and mirrored surfaces. They are sure to be first on my wish list.

  63. Cassi says:

    I m going to be on every waiting list for that tinsel twine! I have wanted it since you first started the 12 tags of Christmas.

  64. Kate Usher says:

    That lantern is just the neatest thing. Where do you get all your wonderful ideas. I will have to find a space in my Christmas configuration box for it.

  65. Tamera B. says:

    CAN’T WAIT!!!

  66. willoww says:

    OH MY, I have to have those precious trees and wreath!!! Of course I feel the same way about the frosted film and reflective sheets. WTG tim!!!

  67. Jacquelene L. says:

    The custom fasteners wooo hooo!!!!! The woodland trees, tinsel twine, frosted paper, mirrored paper, tissue wrap with butterflies, paper twine in solids. Ohh the possibilities of all this creative stuff. When will it be in Canada?
    Jacquelene L.

  68. Beth W says:

    I’m going to be in so much trouble-I love all the goodies! The new foliage,make your own brads,and the little lantern-absolute must haves.

  69. Sandy Duley says:

    Wow! Great collection.

  70. yogi says:

    PS it would be great if you could have the “Submit Comment” button under the “Captcha” image so I see it before I hit submit. I seem to always hit the submit button not seeing the words I have to type in and loosing everything I’ve written. Frustrating.

  71. Kim S. (nerdgrl) says:

    Well, I officially love it all. Can’t wait to see everything in stores! All the Christmas stuff certainly helps to keep cool in 100 degree heat…in MN of all places!

  72. Kathy S says:

    these all look great -love the little lantern and the Christmas trees and wreath- hey I love it all

  73. Lisa H says:

    Well look at all those goodies!! Can’t wait to see them in stores. =)

  74. Lana Edwards says:

    Oh dear me Tim so many must haves I am speechless!! I absolutely love the tiny lantern !!!!

  75. Juliana says:

    WOW! The new additions are amazing and I am loving the paper string!!!

  76. Oh my gosh seriously it’s impossible not to like everything. I love it all.

  77. Weeee! So pleased I’ll be able to buy some of your diddy Chrissy trees- Hooray!!!

  78. fantastic new releases, congratulations! Personally I have my eye on the frosted film and mirrored papers. And the twine too, seems like a must-have product!

  79. Genie says:

    Ohh, ahhh I can’t wait to see these in person and the little lantern is just too cute. Thank you for continuing to come up with such fun and unique product.

  80. Mary Perez says:

    Christmas in July!! I am sooooo ready! Thanks for the inspiration and encouragement – so much fun…

  81. Noreen says:

    They’re all such exciting new things to create with! The tiny lantern will be fun to use.

  82. Angele says:

    Already soooooo much and this is only your first preview, don’t know what I like more – festive foliage – chitchat – paper stash- kraft resist stash – paper string or tissue wrap……….
    CAN’T WAIT!~!~!

  83. Oh my gosh… so much fun and cool stuff to play with. I want them now 🙂 Hugs Susanne

  84. Mary Pendergrass says:

    Wow! It’s impossible to say what I like best – it’s all good.

  85. KimMJ says:

    WOW! It is like the most wonderful time of the year once again…Chitchat, and papers, tissues and tokens…I love it all! You have done it yet again. Fabulous products. You must be a very proud papa 😉

  86. Jo Anne Mason says:

    Love all this new stuff! Lets get it to the stores!!!

  87. jan m says:

    Tinsel twine, woodland ornaments, seasonal kraft resist, frosted film ….. I don’t know where to start with my wish list!!! My mind is swimming with ideas!

  88. teri says:

    Love it all but especially the festive foliage, woodland, trimmings and melange tissue!

  89. Lori W says:

    I want, I want, I want!!! Love it all, especially the trees! Makes me sentimental. thank you, Tim!

  90. Vernetta says:

    OMG! they are all very pretty! love the mini lantern and the new tissue papers and such!

  91. Awesome awesome awesome Christmas stash!!! Love the lantern…,need it all!

  92. Susan says:

    Tim will these items be available in time for holiday card making???I love the trees and the wreath and and the alpha tiles and the mirrored and the frosted film and the….and the….and the………

  93. Kristin says:

    Love the paper thread! I find thread so much more versatile than ribbon…. And Paper! Too cool! Need big spools of this to color and play with!

  94. Melissa says:

    I am trying to contain myself and keep from sqealing!! It’s so christmas in july. I love everything and can’t wait to see what can be done with the frosted film and mirror sheets!! Oh and the tissue wrap will be fun espexailly for collage boxes and the Woodlands!!! I gotta get some little trees and paper stashes and the tinsel!! and the lantern and everything eeeeeeeee 😀

  95. Terry D. says:

    Who knew! I really love the new line especially the new papers. Can’t wait to use them in my classes.

  96. Lisa Sackett says:

    Always full of great goodie. I’m in love with the lantern!

  97. Janet says:

    I am so glad to see the tinsel twine. I will definitely be using that this Christmas. The mirrored and frosted materials also look like a fun medium to play with.

  98. Ekaterine says:

    Alpha tiles just killed me. Can’t believe this – you read my thoughts!!!! Saw them in wood in France on the market hunting for junk but they were SO expensive and i thought – wish tim would make something like this…. and so you did! all the rest is also great, esp new tissue paper with butterflies, paper string, custom brands – you name it!! you’re genius tim holtz. god bless you

    with love from russia,

  99. Dana B says:

    paper string?! awesome 🙂

  100. D Swanson says:

    Oh my goodness – how did you know?? I have been waiting for ages for that tinsel twine! I can’t wait to get some. And I didn’t realize until I saw it, but I’ve also been waiting for that frosted film.

  101. sara ross says:

    Love it all — especially the tissue wrap! Keep thinking up the wonderful items and ideas.

  102. Dylanbug says:

    Is it CHA time again? I haven’t gotten through my shopping list from winter CHA yet! So much goodness I can’t keep up!

  103. Melissa Smith says:

    Awesomeness. Love the tree,tissue paper, reflective and frosted material. Can hardly wait to see you use them(tutorial time?).

  104. D Shelstad says:

    Love the new line. Especially the lantern, music tissue paper, chit chat and so many others. I will need to start buying and hopefully win the lotto before I go to scrapfest because you have some items that have jumped onto the need list (everything I want turns into a need in when creating stuff).

  105. Bev W. says:

    Oh boy!!!! Love it all, but I think my favs are…..everything!!!!

  106. Janie T says:

    Cool new release. Love the lantern and foliage.

  107. maflam says:

    Lots of great new stuff. All the things I wish I’d had when I was doing the Christmas tags. Especially the tinsel twine. How fun.

  108. Carol P says:

    It all looks fabulous. Can’t wait until it hits the stores. Especially fond of the new tissue paper and Festive Follage!

  109. Trish Pendleton says:

    Hay Tim…..can you help me inlarge my craft cornor? Where will I put all of these wonderful goodies that are comming out? I can’t wait to see what you do with the Mirrored Sheets….these look interesting…

  110. Lexi says:

    Awesome releases!

  111. Dianne Kolan says:

    Wow! Love the awesome new Idealogy products, especially the Frosted Film, the Custom Fasteners, and that adorable working mini Lantern! Can’t wait to see these in person. Kudos!

  112. Connie Pruitt says:

    Really Cool Stuff!

  113. OMGoodness those little lanterns are so stinkin CUTE!!!! My minds is just a-swimmin in possibilities (all the other goodies are to die for too, lol!)! Thanks for the sneak peek, you’ve done it again Tim!
    ((Hugs)) Theresa

  114. Mel H says:

    Very excited about the trimmings…can’t wait to see those in person!

  115. Amy says:

    Pass it over, just pass it over now!

  116. Kathy Andrews says:

    OMG, OMG, OMGosh!!! You’ve totally out-done yourself. Seasonal is my love. Imagination… I’m excited BEYOND imagination.

  117. linda williamson says:

    I’m very excited about the new goodies! Can’t wait to see all the projects you have planned.Have fun at Cha.

  118. Brandy says:

    Can’t wait, totally amazing! Love it all.

  119. love the festive foiliage, frosted film, and gem clips! it all looks like a fun season ahead! 🙂

  120. Meesh says:

    WOW!!! I love everything and can’t wait for it to all be available! Thank you very much for sharing the sneak peeks with us!!

  121. Mary Mac says:

    Wonderful new products. I can’t wait to get my hands on the tissue wrap and word stitckers.

  122. Karen says:

    Wow! Some awesome things will be coming out and I can’t wait to grab some of them for my scrapbook pages. One plead,,, I would LOVE to see a big die that would cut a doily shape or shapes. I have your doily on the edge but now I would love a circle doily to go with it.

  123. Barbara L says:

    Oh, my goodness! I haven’t even gotten all I want from your LAST release. But those lanterns……HAVE to have them.

  124. Annamarie says:

    I am so looking forward to seeing Tim use the mini lantern on a tag. Plus I really love to the “woodlands” collection on a tag. I have already been using the “adornments” and Christmas gifts last year, when I hand painted them with alcohol inks

  125. Sheri K says:

    Oh, what a creative guy you are! Looks like an awesome collection.

  126. Marcie Smith says:

    You just made Christmas a whole lot more fun!!!! Love the tissue wrap, papers, that adorable lantern and paper twine(?) interesting. I can’t wait to see what you plan to do with that frosted film.

  127. janet wilson says:

    Gorgeous things, really like the sound of the frosted film (& everything else of course!)

  128. Jan Castle says:

    Cool stuff Tim!!!!!

  129. Tracey McLeod says:

    The lantern would be perfect for my daughters dream dollhouse. It is absolutely adorable and the tinsel twine is stunning. Yet more tinsel I need 🙂

  130. Terri Harmon says:

    Love seeing all the cool new embellies. 🙂

  131. Cardgenie says:

    Wow, what a stash!! Can’t wait to see what else is coming. My mind is already in overdrive thinking what I can use the new ideology on. Go Tim!

  132. Dorothy C. says:

    Love all the new Seasonal items – especially the trimmings, tinsel twine and tokens.

  133. Becky M. says:

    So exciting! Love it all! But that mini lantern and woodland ornanments are the top of my list! Can’t wait to play!

    Keep em coming Tim!!!

  134. Lorna Moore says:

    I can tell I will have no money for Christmas presents this year – better plan on creating some with all the stash I’m going to be getting! Yay 🙂

  135. Mo says:

    I was hoping for a little lantern charm. This is so mch more exciting.
    Everything is fantastic!

  136. Danette Munn says:

    I am so excited about these! The mini lantern along with the trees a wreth are amazing and I can’t wait to get my hands on them. I already know EXACTLY what I want to make with them!!!!!! Now I just NEED THEM!!!!

  137. Valerie J Doyle says:

    One of each please!

  138. Colleen O says:

    Can’t wait to see more sneak peaks

  139. Dolly says:

    I love ‘that time’. It is always exciting to see what you came up with. And I am not dissapointed (not I was expecting to be dissapointed). Love the brads, and the new tissuepaper, and the alphatiles, and the woodland trees and ……… Well, basically I love everything.

  140. Kay G. says:

    WOW! I love it all. I can’t wait for the stores to have it. The Lantern, Woodlands, Frosted Film, etc. is all great. Tim, I don’t know how you keep coming up with all of these great ideas. I am so glad you do. Thanks for sharing.

  141. Laura E. says:

    Love all the new goodies! Can’t wait….guess i better purge some old stuff cuz I can see i need to make room!

  142. Nana says:

    WOW – I am very impressed with all of these products. Would be so nice to have all of them in my stash!

  143. Sara Hanlon says:

    The Tim Holtz line just gets better each season! How is that possible???!!! You must practice the Alice in Wonderland story of “thinking of six impossible things before breakfast!”.

    You and your team rock!

  144. Kerry says:

    Absolutely fantastic and amazing inspirational items. As a scrap booker and a card maker I feel I can say, where products are concerned we’ve come a long way in a relatively short amount of time – looking forward to the future. Thanks for sharing Tim.

  145. Jenny says:

    Wow! Loving the Tissue Papers, the Adornments and the Festive Foilage. I bet the Frosted Film is going to be lots of fun too! Am looking forward to when I have them come home to me.

  146. Julia Sands says:

    Do you know how long I’ve looked for little trees that are “natural” color? I tried bleaching some that I found but the wood was so cheap that I had nothing more than a big mess!! I am so excited to work with these.. thank you!!

  147. jacque says:

    Oh my gosh!! Hope you are making LOTS of the lanterns!! Luv them and especially the trees and the tinsel twine as well as the Christmas items. luv them all!!

  148. pam wark says:

    holy moly! i can’t keep up with you!
    definitely need to take a trip to Absolutely Everything
    when this all hits the shelves!

  149. Kathleen Sundby says:

    Wow! Just when you think it can’t possibly get any better than this… it DOES! The amazing creations we will make with these will be STUNNING!
    I’m so excited!

  150. Priscilla says:

    Great new goodies!!

  151. Pat says:

    Oh WOW! To pick a favorite – I’d have to say the tapes. The lanterns are fantastic too. I am already planning what to do with all the new items. I think that I am in love…….. c;

  152. Julie S says:

    So many possibilities. Looking forward to seeing what you do with these goodies.

  153. TraiLove says:

    Liking the mélange tissue wrap( why less than the others; it’s beautiful too) and foliage. “All is spectacular”.

  154. These are awesome! Look like lots of must haves!

  155. jj meyer says:

    So many unique items! Love the new tissue papers, paper twine, long screws…..ok I love everything! Cannot wait! Blessings!

  156. Toni Roberts says:

    Can’t wait for these to hit the stores. Outstanding!

  157. Marie D. says:

    Wow! Here will go again. I can definitely say you do not disappoint. I’ll have to eat my fair share of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, for lunch, from now till Christmas time. (smile)

  158. Too many WOWS to count! I LOVE the tinsel twine and the battery operated lantern and the frosted film and…. CHA looks to be awesome
    Thanks for sharing

  159. Elizabeth C. says:

    Amazed you keep coming up with such astonishing ideas! When will these be available for order? I start making my holiday cards in September :-).

  160. Ingalill says:

    Oh, LOVE the new surfaces! And the lanterns, the strings and definitely the custom fasteners. The rest? Well, it’s ok, I guess – I’ll probably just buy ONE box each of those… ;-))

  161. Kelly says:

    it’s Christmas in July! Very cool items…love the mini lantern and the mirrored adhesive sheets. I have to think of a cool project to use those.

  162. Debby says:

    Some good stuff on its way

  163. Cathy Gray says:

    Looking forward to seeing these items in person some day- great stuff!

  164. Maxine says:

    some cool stuff

  165. Kimberly Maehrer says:

    Wow! Lots of new goodies – can’t wait to get them!!

  166. heidig says:

    I can’t wait for the fasteners! What great products.

  167. Chai Dackermann says:

    Can’t wait to get my hands on them.

  168. Shirley in Queen Creek, AZ says:

    I love it all, but I absolutely have to have the beautiful Tinsel.

  169. Bertie Van Riper says:

    Sooooo cool! Can’t wait to get my hands on that lantern.

  170. Sue A says:

    Oh wow. I wish I have a birthday coming up. I must save my pennies for all of this great creating materials! I can hardly wait!

  171. Jeannette says:

    Just when I think I have it all…you come up with more way cool stuff! Never stop!!

  172. Cristina says:

    Everything looks great! I love the paper strings and the tissue paper!

  173. Linda E says:

    Love all the new products you have coming out!! Can’t wait to see them up close. Thanks so much for sharing!!!

  174. Lisa P says:

    Thanks for sharing the new items! Love them.

  175. Helen says:

    OMG! I love it all!!

  176. I see a lot of awesome things here!! 🙂

  177. Jodi says:

    Sweet, I love the seasonal bits!

  178. Oh wow! I just love everything. The paperstashes… oh my! And the paper string. Just love it!

  179. Nancy Matos says:

    Awesome! Its going to be a sparkling holiday!! 🙂

  180. Vicki Melancon says:

    All of it looks amazing as always. This makes me want to be creative today and not work.

  181. christel talley says:

    These are cool! I think my favorites are the tissue paper and the alphabet tiles. I like to buy what is versatile so I can use it over and over again!

  182. Dolores says:

    I’m drooling already and I haven’t even seen the wonderful dies that I’m sure will be coming too.

  183. Dorothy B. says:

    Wow, some great things to play with.

  184. M. C. says:

    Can’t wait to get a little lanturn!

  185. Sue b. says:

    You did it again! Saving my money for all the new stuff.

  186. Louise says:

    Great collection! Can hardly wait for CHA, so much creativity flowing everywhere!

  187. Mary Werner says:

    The Lanterns! I’m chatless LOL. Hope they are out first as I can think of a multitude of things on which to use them.

  188. Smokie says:


  189. Carol says:


  190. cathy says:

    Wow, can’t wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  191. Karen Cheetham says:

    Oh My Word!!!! I am on creative overload after seeing these new cool products! The woodland trees, mini screw eyes, lantern that lights up! Love it all!

  192. Selina McGinn says:


  193. Jen says:

    The creative juices are flowing! Can’t wait to get my hands on some of these products!

  194. Nancy B says:

    How exciting to see the new products! It certainly feels like Christmas in July.

  195. Andrea Beshuk says:

    beautiful vintagey loveliness…. as to be expected!
    Thank you for the fun little reproduction antique finds {that are usually so hard/expensive to find when its the real deal} I appreciate that, and love those most!

  196. Carol Broney says:

    Dear Tim,
    As usual you have presented the most lovely products!!! I just can’t wait to try them all! Thanks so much for sharing with us.
    With Warm Regards,
    Carol Broney

  197. Wendy T says:

    LOVE it. The lantern was a jay dropper for me.

  198. Erica H says:

    Fabulous new products! Can’t wait to buy some!

  199. Keitha says:

    Great additions to an already fabulous line! Looking forward to seeing them in use in your projects, and in stores.

  200. Geraldine says:

    really cool products, loving the lantern and the frosted film

  201. WilmaB says:

    OOoooh, you sure know how to make my happy and how to spent my money. I just want it all!!! But totally in love with the festive foliage, woodlands, tinsel twine, mini lantern and custom fasteners and well i think everything you shared;-)

  202. Patty says:

    wow, got my imagination sparked ! 🙂

  203. Oh my papers, twine and charms, Oh my!
    can’t wait for them to come out on the market!
    stamping sue

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    All the new things are really exciting and am looking forward to playing!!

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  376. Jamie Greene says:


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  384. CuddlyBunny says:

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    Frosted film? Wee lanterns? Tiny trees and festive foliage? Tinsel twine?

    Looks like my list to Santa is going to start with Tim and end with Holtz … again!

  385. Kelly M. says:

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  390. Be still my beating heart! Can’t wait for the tag on 1 December now…These new adhesive products are fab and the little battery operated lantern is just the cutest thing I have ever seen! Oh and those trees take me back to my childhood! I am truly vintage in age!

  391. Holly Johnson says:

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    ** Kate **

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  397. Brenda S. says:

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