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CHA 2015 Sneak Peek | Ranger Ink |

here we are, the final day of CHA sneak peeks!  i’m so excited for the show starting tomorrow, but even more excited about my new release products from ranger.  for over 10 years now, distress products have been a creative evolution of innovation.  the unique properties, nostalgic color palette, and superior formulation of these products manufactured right here in the USA from ranger, have made distress a favorite of many crafters and mixed media artists – thank you so much for that.  starting with just 6 basic ink pad colors, distress has since evolved into a complete creative line of inks, reinkers, markers, stains, paints, glitters, and spray stains.  each time a new product came to market, we would all feel the frustration of having to wait patiently for the colors we wanted in each line.  well get ready to distress in a whole new way…

for the first time in its product launch history, ranger is releasing a collection of distress products by color versus product category.  every month in 2015, we will add a new color to the distress product line available in 6 different products – ink pad, reinker, marker, stain, paint, and spray stain.  the first color of the year for january is cracked pistachio – a retro green that fits perfectly in the distress palette.  now if you’re a fan of the mini distress inks too (like i am) those will be released every 4 months as a set of four.  the most exciting part is the new color won’t be announced until the following month so you have something to look forward to throughout the year…

CHA 2015 Sneak Peek | Ranger Ink |

speak of mini distress inks, good news is they are now going to be available open stock.  so if you have used your favorite color endlessly and need a replacement you’re set, or if you like to teach you can now buy multiples of your favorite colors – small just got bigger…

CHA 2015 Sneak Peek | Ranger Ink |

it’s definitely going to be a very colorful year for distress, and i can’t wait to share every minute of it with you.  here’s to a great CHA show – make sure you don’t miss a minute of the fun by following us on social media:

thanks for sharing the fun of sneak peeks…t!m

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