back from the cha-winter 2013 show…

well hello there bloggers!  i’m finally back in the studio from our recent trip to the craft and hobby association winter trade show in california.  it was an amazing show, so much to share with you that will probably be about a week of blogging.  i have lots of things to unpack, emails to reply to, and sleep to catch up on (oh i wish), but i wanted to start the recap rolling…

there are so many things that go into the planning of a trade show.  besides designing the new release products, working on packaging, new catalogs, etc. there is still the booth design, sample boards, demos, prepping kits, and the list literally goes on and on.  we arrived at the anaheim convention center last wednesday to begin the work.  we have 3 days to set up the booths and i do my best at multi-tasking to help wherever i can since in addition to setting everything up, i had presentations to make to retailers and a workshop to teach to a class of 80 so we kept busy going a million miles a minute it seemed…

there is no doubt i couldn’t do this alone and i’m lucky i had the help of so many wonderful friends.    thanks to all of them: mario, paula, deb, sarah, richele, heather, joy, chelle, monica, linda, ludi, and t (i appreciate you all so very much).  well i’m still trying to get things caught up so i’ll be back tomorrow with another cha recap starting with the ranger booth.  i’ll be sharing booth pics, sample photos, and a video.  see you then…t!m




Purchase Tim Holtz' Compendium of Curiosities

Purchase Tim Holtz' Compendium of Curiosities

Purchase Tim Holtz' Compendium of Curiosities