2019 Creativation Blog Hop:

with the 2019 creativation show over, it’s time to focus on what matters most…inspiration!  i’ve said it before and i’ll say it again, i couldn’t do this alone.  once again my incredible team (mario & paula) and an amazing group of talented project designers from across the globe are going above and beyond by hosting a blog hop starting today to share a few of their favorite projects created for the show…

if you’re new to a blog hop it’s easy: you simply click on the first name listed below and that blogger with link to the next. if you prefer to start out with one of your favorite makers, you can do that too as the hop makes a complete loop so you won’t miss a single bit of creativity – have fun…t!m

  1. audrey pettit
  2. bobbi smith
  3. cathie parreco
  4. cheiron brandon
  5. debi adams
  6. emma williams
  7. jan hobbins
  8. jennalee anderson
  9. joy kennedy
  10. kath stewart
  11. mae nazareth
  12. mou saha
  13. paula cheney
  14. richele christensen
  15. stacy hutchinson
  16. tami bastiaans
  17. vicki evans
  18. zoe hillman
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