12 tags of christmas…tag 12


supplies: tissue wrap (composer/terminology), fractured dolls, adornments (classic/seasonal), accoutrements (fanciful), baubles, trinket pins, trimmings, jump rings, grungboard, tiny attacher, design ruler, drill punch, sanding grip; glue n’ seal (matte), distress stain (picket fence/weathered wood), distress stickles (rock candy), glossy accents, craft sheet, heat tool, paint dabber (cloudy blue/snow cap), distress ink (walnut stain), ink blending tool, metal foil tape (6″x12″), stickles (platinum), perfect pearls mist (pearl), #8 manila tags; dies (artful dwellings/vintage market/vintage lace/festive greenery), die pick; kraft core; scissors, distresser; tinsel, glue gun, tulle *craft iron/optional

*steps for prepping the box of tissue wrap:

– to open the tissue wrap box, pull off perforated strip along the box front to expose the blade.

– remove roll of tissue wrap from box and also remove tape strip along roll.

– place roll back into box feeding the wrap over the top of the roll.

–  on each end of the box there are inset tabs, press your finger into to the tabs and into the roll. *this will hold the roll in the box allowing you to pull the tissue wrap freely when using it.


now…on with the tag!

step 1: stamp script stamp with archival ink on to entire tag.

step 2: dry ink with heat tool.

step 3: shake picket fence distress stain and apply over entire tag covering stamped image.

step 4: wait until stain begins to absorb into tag and dry with heat tool.

step 5: pull a piece of tissue wrap slightly wider than your tag and tear along blade edge of box.

step 6: apply glue n’ seal to tag covering entire tag surface.  *note: i like the convenience of the included brush cap with glue n’ seal – nothing to clean up.

step 7: immediately place tissue wrap over tag.

step 8: working quickly, begin to scrunch the tissue wrap to create wrinkles on tag.  gather more tissue in various areas for more texture.

step 9: flatten and dry glued tissue with hot craft iron.  this will press the tissue wrap flat, but with wrinkles for an awesome textured background.  trim excess tissue from around tag.  *note: if you don’t want to use an iron, just set a book or something on it to flatten and allow to dry.

step 10: drag paper distresser along edge of the tag to create a nice tattered effect.

step 11: apply distress stickles (rock candy) to tag.

step 12: spread out distress stickles with your finger to apply a thin layer over tag and set aside to dry.

step 13: next die cut  skinniest dwelling from grungeboard using the artful dwellings die and paint with paint dabber (cloudy blue).

step 14: once dry, scuff and sand the edges with sanding grip.

step 15: ink edges with distress ink (walnut stain) using ink blending tool.

step 16: apply rock candy distress stickles over dwelling and spread a thin layer with your finger.  let dry.


*steps for making tissue flower:

step 1: tear a piece of tissue wrap about 3″ wide from roll.

step 2: fold in half lengthwise.

step 3: cut on fold creating 2 pieces.

step 4: stack both pieces together and fold in half again lengthwise creating a square.

step 5: cut on fold creating 4 pieces.

step 6: stack all 4 pieces together and begin fan folding them (about 1/2″ wide).

step 7: continue fan folding the entire stack.

step 8: place into tiny attacher and staple once in the center.

step 9: this is what you should have at this point.

step 10: cut each and of the stack creating a decorative point, peak, or scallop.

step 11: open one end of the stack fanning it out.

step 12: there will basically be 4 layers of tissue wrap within the fan, so carefully separate each layer and begin to pull them apart.

step 13: once you separate each of the 4 layers on one end you should have something like this.

step 14: repeat the previous steps for the other end and just like that, tissue flower!


*steps for making faux dresden paper:

step 1: if you love the look of vintage dresden paper (also known as german scrap) then you’ll love this technique too.  begin by placing a sheet of 6″x12″ metal foil tape on to a strip of glossy cardstock or any other heavy weight cardstock.

step 2: cut the strip into (3) 2″x12″ pieces. *note: most decorative strip dies are only about 2″ wide in cut-able surface.

step 3: die cut one strip using the vintage lace die, and one strip using the vintage market die.  the other strip is just extra for another time. *note: check out how the pressure of the machine wrinkles up the foil creating a faux dresden paper texture.

step 4: now another favorite die of mine is this vintage lace die, but you must know this…it’s a labor of love.  why?  because no matter what type of paper or cardstock you cut with it, since it’s by far one of the most intricate dies i’ve seen, you must take the time to poke out each little opening with a die pick.  trust me, it’s worth the time though…

step 5: another cool thing i wanted to point out about this die is the fact that it cuts 7 different decorative vintage lace trims. see why it’s a favorite of mine?  these trims will certainly go a long way on many vintage projects. *note: of course remember since it’s metal foil tape, you could alcohol ink or paint it to alter the color, but i just love the silver.


*back to the tag…

step 17: once distress stickles is dry on the dwelling, swipe paint dabber (snow cap) along the edges.

step 18: quickly use your finger to rub the paint around, because of the texture of distress stickles, the paint skips over the surface creating a nice worn shabby paint finish.

step 19: apply paint dabber (snow cap) to metal adornment charms and rub off excess paint with your fingers.

step 20: attach tinsel to bottom of tag using tiny attacher.

step 21: adhere dwelling to tag.  *note: for adhesive on this tag, i mainly used my glue gun because i am inpatient.  you can use other adhesives like glossy accents, but they will take a while to dry on the tissue wrap.

step 22: adhere a piece of our faux dresden vintage lace trim along the bottom of the tag above the tinsel.

step 23: place wing charm on dwelling and position fractured doll over top for placement.

step 24: adhere wings, doll, and crown to dwelling.

step 25: for a little bling i snipped the shank off of one of my accoutrement buttons and the center comes out.  it’s a perfect little accent.

step 26: adhere bling to fractured doll.

step 27: adhere tissue flower to tag.  *note: again i used a glue gun for this as well since it’s tissue wrap.

step 28: i removed the letters from the faux dresden die cut and also die cut another set of vintage market using black cardstock.

step 29: a cool trick i learned from the creative team at sizzix was creating drop-shadows on any die cut letters simply by off-setting them slightly with a contrasting cardstock color.  i think this is a great way to get your letters to “pop” off your project.

step 30: adhere the 2 layers with glossy accents – cool huh?

step 31: adhere the letters to the tag with glossy accents (remember these will take a little while to dry).

step 32: print words from your computer and cut out. *note: i printed these in 12pt. traveling typewriter font.

step 33: of course i had to use it on my last tag, so die cut festive greenery pieces and add a few to the tissue flower with glossy accents.

step 34: i just can’t seem to get enough of this “festive greenery” die this year.  another cool tip i learned from the creative team at sizzix is that when you use a decorative strip die over and over (like i seem to do), sometimes your paper will start sticking in the die especially on detailed dies.  the trick to keep that from happening is to apply a piece of clear packing tape right on the face of the die and run it through your die cut machine.  this of course will be permanent and gives a slick surface to your die now so the paper pieces no longer stick in the die – genius i tell you…

step 35: create some custom pearlized ribbon by staining a piece of trimmings with distress stain and mist with perfect pearls mist.  crumple and dry with heat tool.

step 36: cut a strip of tulle and layer with the trimmings.

step 37: tie on to the top of the tag.

step 38: drill a hole through snowflake adornment using drill punch.

step 39: attach charm and baubles to trinket pin.  *note: i applied some dabber paint to the top of the pin to antique.

step 40: apply platinum stickles to the outside edge of the tag and let dry.  *note: if you’re like me and have trouble spacing out dots on things, i simply place my design ruler along the edge of the tag and use it as a guide – works every time!

step 41: attach trinket pin through ribbon on tag for the finishing touch!

the details: i definitely love using these fractured dolls on my projects.  some may find them weird, but i think they are such nostalgic treasures.  i also like adorning them to create the ultimate shabby goodness…

the details: don’t you love these little tissue wrap flowers?  they really create a fun dimensional accent on your project…

the details: no doubt the metal foil tape has had many uses for during the 12 tags, but creating this faux dresden paper has to be at the top of my list.  i just love the wrinkled effect the dies give the foil tape too…


another fun idea for tissue wrap is creating a fringed pom and here’s how:

step 1: tear a piece of tissue wrap about 5-6″ long.

step 2: fold the tissue in half lengthwise.

step 3: using a pair of fringe scissors begin snipping the tissue from the open edge – not on the fold.  *note: if you don’t have a pair of these, they are a must!  you can get them here

step 4: continue snipping the entire edge of the folded tissue wrap.

step 5: once you’re all finished this is what you should have.  remember you don’t want to ever cut the fold.

step 6: begin rolling up the folded edge.

step 7: apply a dab of hot glue as you roll to help secure.

step 8: continue rolling applying hot glue as you go until it’s completely rolled.

step 9: scrunch and crinkle the fringe and you’re ready to add this to your next project.


other ideas:  there are so many different ideas using tissue wrap.  of course, gift wrap would be a great use and most likely what i’ll be using on some of my smaller gifts.  what about ornaments though?  i thought these were simple to do and look so cool when they were finished (which took no time at all).  just start with clear glass ornaments, crumple up the tissue wrap and roll it into a coil and feed it into the opening of the ornament.  use the end of a pencil to fluff the tissue back up inside the ornament.  *note: these are larger glass ornaments, so if you were using the standard small size, i would suggest using smaller strips of tissue wrap…

then i went shopping at one of my local craft stores when i found this paper mache ornament and i had this idea to create something out of it.  with so many ideas for tissue wrap spinning around in my head i knew i needed a little help, so….

are you ready for this???


Marioyes…mario is now a crafter!  he “gladly” offered to help me out collaging the tissue wrap on to this paper mache ornament using multi-medium.  after a couple of layers of both tissue wraps, one final coat of multi-medium and a sprinkling of glitter he was finished…

but i wasn’t…i created a cool funky bow (ala margie) by gathering some tissue wrap and tulle, wired around the center, and adhered it to the top of the ornament with a glue gun.  i added some festive greenery pieces and some of my adornments along with that fringe pom – fun creation for a $1 purchase don’t you think?
whew!  so many ideas for tissue wrap, it’s just the coolest stuff to create with…t!m

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