12 Tags of Christmas…{day 5}


supplies: craft sheet, distress inks/assorted colors, distress embossing ink, distress embossing powders/assorted colors, gold paint dabber, jet black archival ink, glossy accents, ink blending tool, memory foil tape, stickles/christmas red/green/diamond, heat tool, bone folder (ranger); fragment charms, sanding grip (idea-ology); scissors, craft pick (tonic); holiday collections/collages, retro holiday/pine, fabulous flourishes, letter to santa/script stamps (stampers anonymous); holiday rub-on (hambly); #8 tag, 24g wire, ribbon, german scrap, white cardstock
step 1: stamp a couple of holiday images on to white cardstock using jet black archival ink.  i used the holiday collections set today.  these collages have lots of mini images (smaller than the mini i used on yesterday’s tag) so they are perfect for these fragment ornaments.
step 2: color various parts of your stamped images (the ones you want to use) with distress inks and an ink blending tool.
step 3: apply colors of stickles to your image. *i use regular stickles for this since the glitter is smaller sized and more “glittery”.  i like to use christmas red and green for the holly.
step 4: allow these stickles to dry completely.  it’s very important before you move on.
step 5: apply glossy accents to one side of a fragment charm and spread the adhesive around with the tip of the bottle. *fragment charms come in a variety of shapes and sizes in one package and they already have a hole in the top of them.
step 6: press the fragment on to your image and move it around in a slight circular motion to spread out the glossy accents.  press and hold the fragment down for at least 60 seconds for the accents to dry – that’s all it takes.  *this is why you needed the stickles dry or they would have smooshed out everywhere.
step 7: continue adhering various fragment charms to your stamped, inked, and stickled images.
step 8: cut around your fragments using non-stick scissors.  there may be extra glossy accents around the edges so non-stick scissors work the best for this.
step 9: trim off all of the excess paper around the edges of your fragment charms.
step 10: around the top tab of the charms is a bit tricky to cut so i prefer to sand off the excess paper with a sanding grip.
step 11: remove the backing from a piece of memory foil tape.
step 12: press the tape over the front of the fragment charm tab covering the hole.
step 13: trim the tape leaving enough to wrap around the back of the fragment charm.
step 14: using a bone folder or something OTHER than your finger, smooth out the memory foil tape along the front and sides of the charm.
step 15: repeat the previous steps for all of your fragment charm ornaments.
step 16: pierce the hole though the fragment charm using a craft pick.  although you may not be able to see where the hole was initially, if you just go for it, chances are it’s right where you think it is…  you’ll see.
step 17: for the tag, stamp pine spray with distress embossing ink.
step 18: shake various “pine” colors of distress embossing powder.  *i used pine needles, vintage photo, and walnut stain.  take a pinch of pine needles distress powder and twist your fingers together to disperse the powder over the pine area.
step 19: repeat the previous step using vintage photo and walnut stain distress powders on the branch portion of the image.
step 20: once the image is covered with powders as show, hold the tag level and gently tap the bottom of the tag with you fingers doing a “tap-tap” finger dance under the tag.
step 21: this will remove all of the excess powder coloring your stamped image with distress powder – neat huh?  *you can save your “party mix” of excess distress powders in another jar.
step 22: heat emboss the distress powders until they turn darker in color.  allow the powders to cool, then rub your hand over the image to remove the release crystals. *this is the same technique as tag#2
step 23: apply gold paint dabber to the fab/flourish stamp.
step 24: stamp the image a couple of times on the tag with the paint and clean your stamp.  heat the paint to dry.
step 25: ink over your tag with distress inks using an ink blending tool.  * i used various shades of brown/antique linen, frayed burlap, vintage photo, and aged mahogany as a red.
step 26: lightly swipe the jet black archival pad over the script stamp – do not tap the ink on – and stamp the script over the background of the tag.  be sure to swipe the ink on the stamp for each stamping.
step 27: insert and piece of 24g. wire through the holes in the fragment.
step 28: twist the wire together like a twist tie and cut the excess from one side only leaving the longest piece attached as shown.
step 29: place the wired “ornament” on the tag to determine placement and pierce a hole through the tag with a craft pick.
step 30: fold the wire down in the back and repeat this for the other ornaments.
step 31: once your finished, stick a piece of tape over the wires on the back of the tag and trim the excess.
step 32: embellish the tag with rub-ons, german scrap trim, and ribbons.
in the details: i love the way the stickles glitter sparkles under the fragment charms.  the metal memory foil tape wrapped around the top really give these “ornaments” a finished look.  using wire allows the charms to move around on the tag.  this is a fun tag…t!m

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