12 Tags of Christmas…{day 10}


supplies: craft sheet, adirondack alcohol inks, adirondack fillable pens, pitch black paint dabbers, glossy accents, mini mister (ranger); grungeboard minis, tiny attacher (idea-ology); metal tape sheets, burnishing block, paper stump (ten seconds studio); #8 tag, ribbon, metal snowflake embellishment
step 1: choose the words and shapes you want for your tag from the grungeboard mini set and remove them from the sheet.
step 2: arrange them on the tag first to get positioning.  make sure you have some space in between each letter and shape.
step 3: adhere all of the grungeboard pieces to the tag with glossy accents.
step 4: once you're finished, allow the tag to dry for a minute or two.
step 5: cut a piece of metal tape a little larger than your tag. *metal tape is adhesive backed thin metal sheets that can be embossed on, used with embossing folders, etc.  because it's thinner than their regular metal, it's perfect to work with on this type of project (tags, cards, etc.)
step 6: remove the backing of the metal tape sheet being sure to hold on to the metal so it doesn't curl.
step 7: place
the tag face down on to the sticky side of the metal tape.
step 8: turn the tag over, make sure you're working on your craft sheet and press the tag and tape down.  start rubbing your fingers over the metal tape to reveal the grungeboard design underneath.
step 9: using a paper stump, begin rubbing the stump at an angle as shown across the tag to emboss more of the design into the metal tape.
step 10: next, begin refining the design using the tip of the paper stump.  this will allow you to go around the inside and outside of each letter.
step 11: repeat the previous steps until each design element is refined.
step 12: cut the corners of the metal tape off at an angle as shown.
step 13: fold all of the tape tabs around the back of the tag.
step 14: repeat for all of the sides.
step 15: pierce the hole back through the tape using a craft pick or hole punch.
step 16: next we are working with the adirondack fillable pen.  check out this video to see how to fill the pens and additional ideas on how to use them.
step 17: begin coloring the design with the fillable pen.
step 18: continue coloring the entire section around that design including the recessed area.
step 19: continue coloring various sections.  make sure the colors touch each other leaving no silver showing.
step 20: repeat the previous steps until the entire tag is colored as shown. *the fillable pen allows you total control on where your alcohol ink color goes.
step 21: using a burnishing block, sand off the ink color working the block in a circular motion over the raised design of the tag to reveal the silver metallic finish of the metal tape.
step 22: continue this for the entire tag as shown.
step 23: using the tiny attacher, create faux stitching in between the color blocks.  try straight stitching as well as x's or zig-zags.
step 24: at this point you can be finished with the tag if you're happy with the vibrant ink colors.  otherwise, paint a section of the metal with black paint dabber.
step 25: immediately rub a THIN layer of paint around the metal with your finger working the paint into the areas.
step 26: burnish the raised areas with a burnishing block to reveal the silver metallic finish again only this time it's antiqued from the paint.
step 27: once you're finished, wipe over the entire tag to remove the paint dust and reveal the vintage metallic tag.
in the details: i like the combination of vibrant colors, toned down with paint, on the embossed metal background.  metal has such texture and interest, this metal tape is so easy to work with too…t!m

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