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hi there bloggers…hope you’re enjoying your weekend.  it’s been a busy one around here getting all of the last minute things ready for the cha show.  i spent quite a few days in the studio simply creating projects and prepping for my demos – love it.  now i know the anticipation for the new products is always exciting so i wanted to remind those of you who have downloaded my free “tim holtz” app on their iphone, ipad, or download it here for android to start making your wish lists.  i’ve been working with my tech team (thanks joy) to get all of the new products loaded on to my app.  so each day as i post the sneak peeks for them on the blog, they will appear in the app.  this way even though they are not available for purchase yet, it will allow you to make a “wish list” for those products you think you might just need to have…

also, be sure you’re running the most current updated version of the app as we’ve been making improvements throughout the year based on your comment and suggestions.  (please take time to rate my app in the app store – thanks…)

some of the great new features are:
– blog snippets so you can easily locate a recent blog post
– placing the “have it” check mark and “wish” heart icons on the same product page
– enlarged images so if you need a closer look at a stamp or other product you can tap the image to enlarge it
– more detailed video categories so you can find the videos you want to watch on the app easier
– the best one is the ability to email your wish list to yourself (or that someone who wants to buy you things…lol)

*for those of you running this app on your ipad, although this app was designed for mobile versatility of a smart phone, you can still download it and run it on your ipad.  to enlarge the app to full screen, simply tap the (2x) in the bottom right corner of the screen.

if you haven’t downloaded my free app, what are you waiting for?  it’s the easiest way to keep track of all of the products i’ve designed that you may own, and an even easier way to keep track of the products you want – no more buying duplicates of things.  it’s also the most convenient way to follow the blog, watch tutorial videos, and even follow me on facebook and twitter right from your device.  i’ll be back tomorrow with more sneak peeks from ranger for cha-winter 2013 show – see you then…t!m


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226 Comments to “what are you wishing for?…”

  1. Crafty Loops says:

    My heart is broken……..I would LOVE this App for my windows phone. Blub Blub Blub!!!! Please, please, pwetty please! Lee x

  2. Rhoni T says:

    Any chance this will be compatible with the new kindle he android????

  3. Nicole Seaford says:

    When do the New Distress Paints go on sale? This will be a must have for me and I cant wait to create!

  4. Diane says:

    you make me wish for a smart phone. Mine’s kinda dumb. no apps

  5. Sandra S. says:

    I really love this app! It helps me keep track of stuff I’ve bought already so I don’t buy duplicates and so I remember what I want to look for next. I do wish it had some of the older ones (example Love, Joy, Journey M & S dies) in the database. And it’s a quick way to keep up with the blog. When do you ever have time to post so much creative stuff?!

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  7. wustaz says:

    I have it and I love it

  8. Jas says:

    Just tried it. Really cool. Is there a way to view it on my ipad when I am not connected to the Internet? …like when I am shopping? lol I would love to be able to view my list of wanted items (red heart) so I know which onesI already have and which are ones I want. Lord knows, I buy so much I inevitably end up having stuff I haven’t even tried yet but I HAD to buy it ( maybe even a back up or two for a gift and just in case Ranger ever had a storage. (Shhh, our secret! Hubby close your eyes and if you do read it then perhaps your…lol)

  9. Heather MacDonald says:

    AWESOME! I struggle going back and forth between my wish list and what I already have. And the ability to send email! Whooo Hooo no more clothes! Even grandmothers want toys not clothes lol!

  10. christina c says:

    I am wishing I could use your app on my Kindle Fire!

  11. Isabelle M says:

    so cool!

  12. Sandra says:

    I’m wishing for a compass texture fade…;)

  13. I love the app and use it all the time, like now, t keep up with your posts. I also log the materials and tools I have, as well as the ones I’d like to get. The video accessibility is also great. Thanks!

  14. susan says:

    My wish list is soooo long hehe.
    susan s.

  15. Pamela Bennett says:

    I don’t have an iphone,ipad or android device, I do however have a Blackberry Playbook. I wish you
    would make this app. for my Blackberry pleeeeeeease! I soooooooo need it!

  16. Kelley says:

    I’ve avoided getting an iphone but you are tempting me just so I can have your app!

  17. Jessica says:

    This app is AWESOME and the perfect thing to have! I have duplicated my purchases way too many times, and now that I have this, it makes my shopping trips so much easier! Cannot wait to add the new releases to my wish list!!!

  18. Sue A says:

    I’m wishing to win the lottery so I can create with Tim’s products all day long!

  19. Val Hoffman says:

    Downloading it now!

  20. Tracey Johnson says:

    Thanks Tim! This is a GREAT app. I downloaded and I am loving it.

  21. Glenda Hart says:

    I love the app. I wish it had the ability to email the wish list. I own a lot of your stuff but there is always a whole list that only I have access to. It would be great to give the wish list to family and friends for holiday shopping options so I don’t get stick with six Starbucks cards cause no one knows what to buy me!!!!

  22. Love this App!
    Thanks for the wishlist!

  23. inks4fun says:

    I love my Tim App! It’s the best way to keep me organized with all the “have it and gotta have it” products out there. Thanks so much for creating it for us!

  24. Mrs. Lyla Larimore says:

    Been using that app ever since I got an iPad for my birthday a few months back. HOW did I ever MANAGE without it ?!?! That app saves the day when I am looking at TH items on sale !!!!
    Thanks, Tim, for keeping it updated- it just gets better and better !!!!

  25. Deb Palmer says:

    I have have the app since you came out with it, LOVE IT no more guessing if i have something or not. Should of used the email feature for my Christmas list.
    Loving all the CHA releases!!! Can’t wait to see what you have in store for us.

  26. Andrea Beshuk says:

    Thank you for enabling my favorite habit!

  27. Mary Mdodana says:

    APP DOWNLOADED! Works great on my iPad. Can’t wait to try distress paints. Thanks for all videos & making crafting fun. It so nice to know in advance what you are purchasing :).

  28. Sounds great! Wish I owned a smart phone!

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