we have experienced “truth”…


there are times when you’re visiting a location, people suggest certain places to see during your travels.  most often the hype of their recommendation conjures up our own perception of how amazing the place should actually be only to discover that some things are exactly as we envision in our imagination.  such a place was suggested to us while we were in cape town, south africa by one of the delegates in our classes belinda basson – one word…”truth“.


before heading to the airport to make our way home, our hosts glenda and gary took mario and i to experience “truth“.  you see this place was by far one of the most spectacular coffee houses and best coffee we’ve have ever experienced (and as starbucks lovers that’s saying something).  when i was told about this steampunk inspired coffee locale, although it sounded interesting, i can say that interesting doesn’t even begin to capture the industrious imagination this place eludes.  the raw exposed brick walls, immense bolted pillars supporting steel beams draped with tangled light cords, and functional furnishings were the framework of the vintage inspired coffee bar at “truth“…


the coffee bar itself housed a nostalgic enameled espresso machine run by a barista dressed in full steampunk garb, adorned with a top hat accented with clock gears, and leather apron brewing up the best tasting espresso ever.  the backdrop of the bar was composed of metal shelving filled with store signage, old typewriters and adding machines, all to only enhance the very awe inspiring coffee bean contraption…


now when i say contraption, check this out – it’s a functioning coffee bean dispenser designed and created by the owner of “truth“.  it features giant glass silos wrapped in brass that dispense the beans through a series of metal pipes and tubes run by large gears and mechanical chains.  this piece was by far the most ingenious assemblage creations an industrious geek like me would ever see…


of course everywhere you looked inside “truth” one would discover more eclectic items like metal fencing signed with forged riveted copper sheeting, more vintage lighting, thick wooden weathered tabletops, and many other random accents…


the mission statement on the wall was both profound, inspiring, and truly captured the essence of “truth“…


so if you’re ever visiting cape town, south africa i too highly recommend experiencing “truth” for yourself…t!m


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110 Comments to “we have experienced “truth”…”

  1. Ana Carmo says:

    what amazing place, definitely saving a visit when I’m lucky enough to visit cape town

  2. Mel Roberts-Hareld says:

    FAB-ulous!!! I can certainly see why it was recommended AND enjoyed!

  3. Mary says:

    Could a franchise like this be your next career? Awsome!

  4. Monique Stam says:

    amazing. Now on my dream retirement party to New Zealand and Austraila, I’ll need to add a stop in South Africa.

  5. April D. says:

    Eagads! Cool to the max! Too bad you didn’t post a picture of the barista in his steampunk garb though.

  6. cheryl c says:

    You just glimpsed heaven, I’m sure. Wish I had been there!!! Stunning!

  7. Katy Drogos says:

    WOW!! That is seriously awesome! Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  8. Maureen Chandler says:

    WOW! This is just an incredible place and I am so glad you and Mario got to experience it! I just love all the gears and parts and pieces – wonderful! And, the mission statement – perfect!!!

  9. rhonit says:

    Best mission statement ever!!

  10. Love me some Steampunk AND coffee!!! Love this place!

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