uk here we come…

ukbagsour bags are packed, passports in hand, and we are ready to head out at 6am tomorrow morning for our flight to the uk.  i’m so excited to be teaching in the uk this year at my first ever teaching “event” with our distributor personal impressions!  we will land monday morning in london, rent the car, and then head off to coventry and start setting up for the event.  everything kicks off wednesday with an all-day retailer event where we’ll be teaching ranger’s technique tags filled with inspiration.  the retailers will leave with 15 finished tags with instructions to create some great techniques using lots of the latest products too.  check them out….


then on thursday it’s another fun filled day with 2 back to back classes where i’ll be teaching one of my favorite projects “journey’s of the past”.  this tag book is filled with distress goodness and loads of idea-ology trinkets, stamps, stencils and more – it’s going to be a blast….


we just finished kitting for scrapfest which is next month so now it’s full speed ahead in kitting for my upcoming teaching trip to italy in october.  well somebody had to stay back in the studio this week to get that started and lucky for us, mario came by today to start organizing all of the boxes that started showing up last week and will be working away all week (thanks mario).   as you can see there is never a dull moment around here…


i’m looking forward to seeing lots of happy and creative people across the pond, and i’ll be sure to take lots of photos to share on the blog.  next stop – london…t!m

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140 Comments to “uk here we come…”

  1. Tina Beale says:

    Are you teaching any classes in London?
    Thank you..


  2. Rosann aka Rea' says:

    How’d I miss this post… oh that was Sat. ? Now I remember this Journey’s Past … I love this !!

  3. Kath says:

    an extra special huge thank you to you…Mario and Ranger for a wonderful workshop at Coventry…wonderful memories of a fabulous fun day…love you guys…hugs kath xxx

  4. Paula Ridley says:

    WOW what an AMAZING time we had, thank you sooooo much Tim and the team. My only complaint was that it went waaaaaay to quickly!

  5. Kate Burgess says:

    Absolutely fantastic workshop Tim, thank you so much! Feeling super inspired & ready to get my craft on! x

  6. Hi. cant wait till my local craft stores have the new items.I want to start on my fall & Christmas cards. I know they can only sell so much because of shelf space is limited. if it were my store I have a whole section of your items ! have a safe return to the states.

  7. teresa ives says:

    I love your travel satchel. Where did you get it?

  8. looking forward to what new ideas will be coming our way.

  9. Miss Tracey Anne Smith says:

    I am wel jel I so want to be in one of your classes can I have the heads up for next year Pleassssseeeeeeeeeeee, I know you are going to be amazing as always and good Luck with all your classes Welcome to England xxxxx

  10. Celeste says:

    Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!!!

  11. Elaine says:

    I think you’re enjoying London as I type, I’ll be seeing you bright and breezy Thursday morning, can’t wait….

  12. I am green with envy of all those in the uk having you teach them your techniques and new ideas. i wish you a great time!

  13. hi hope you are having a wonderful time there in the uk!

  14. Those tags are soooo pretty! Have a safe and fun trip to the UK. 🙂

  15. Gabby says:

    Have a great, safe trip and a GRAND time! If you see Andy Skinner tell him Gabby sends luv and huggles. 😀

  16. Hi! I wish i could go! have a great time. Cant wait to see what works of art will come from the uK. and looking forward to september’s tag. have a safe flight both ways.

  17. Maura says:

    Hope you both have an amazing trip across the pond! Safe travels!!

  18. Sounds like a fun time! Can’t wait for Scrapfest!

  19. Roxanne Pafundi says:

    Happy Trails to you Tim! Have a great trip…and please share all the wonders and joys you find along the way….

  20. Alicia Gnam says:

    Happy travels!

  21. Jackie Rainbow says:

    Looking forward to Thursday afternoon!

  22. Maureen Mathis says:

    Have a great time teaching projects that are good enough for even the royal baby!

  23. Winnie says:

    Safe travels! Enjoy your trip, and I know all your students will come away with a lot of great techniques and a lot of fun!

  24. Counting the hours till Wednesday tim, grateful to have a place via pink tulip creations

  25. lotte lustig says:

    in the footsteps of his dad..

  26. Ali from Cali says:

    enjoy the journey!!! cant wait to see the pics!!!

  27. Until my flight from Bulgaria to UK there are only a few hours.
    See you in Coventry … this is my dream

  28. so wish one of your students was me< oh to be amazed and inspired in person…hope everyone has a ball…maybe next time! safe travels hugs trace x

  29. Kimberly Head says:

    You have the BEST job ever!!! 🙂

  30. Linda E says:

    Sounds like you guys are headed for some great crafting adventures!!! Keep us posted, with lots of pictures too!!! Have fun!!

  31. Annamarie says:

    Can I come? Have fun in UK.

  32. Sheri K says:

    Safe travels Tim! I hope you have an awesome time, sounds like it will be a blast.

  33. Carmen Lucero says:

    Have a wonderful trip and stay safe – enjoy the adventure!

    Carmen L

  34. Therese says:

    Hi Guys, well have a safe and great trip…….. Since we can’t go with you to take these classes with you, maybe one day we can take an online class with you to make all these tags………. now wouldnt that be fun, lol
    have a great time……

  35. Naomi Davis says:

    Have tons of fun all the days long.

  36. Patricia B says:

    Hope you find a Starbucks!

  37. Becky Walker says:

    Safe and happy travels!

  38. Rhonda says:

    Safe travels across the pond. Looks like fun. The tag book is super cool. Thanks for the beautiful smile, Mario. Made my day!

  39. Have fun and safe travels! I can’t wait for Italy!!!

  40. Julie Heyer says:

    Have a blast and safe travels to the UK!
    Mario is quite a team player, way to go. 🙂

  41. Eileen says:

    I’m sure you’ll have a great time teaching, and I hope you get a chance to do some hunting down of vintage items while you’re there. Safe travels!

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