trick or treat burlap panel…

Trick or Treat Burlap Panel by Mou Saha |

one of the most versatile craft tools in my opinion are dies and embossing folders. media team mou saha shares a creative way to showcase that die cuts aren’t just for cards and scrapbook pages. combining these stylish designs with the colorful palette of distress results in a whimsical halloween project perfect to adorn your home to greet trick or treaters…t!m

Hi everyone, Mou Saha here today with a Halloween burlap panel tutorial using Sizzix Alterations dies by Tim Holtz.


  • Surfaces: Burlap Panel 6 x 8; cardstock
  • Dies: Crescent Moon & Stars, Rickety House, Halloween Shadows
  • Distress Stains: Ripe Persimmon, Spiced Marmalade
  • Distress Paints: Barn Door, Black Soot, Dried Marigold, Mowed Lawn, Peeled Paint, Seedless Preserves, Spiced Marmalade, Tarnished Brass, Vintage Photo, and Wild Honey
  • Mediums: Ranger Multi-Medium Matte, Ranger Dina Wakley Media Gel Medium
  • Tools: Tim Holtz Waterbrush,  Kushgrip snip scissors; Ranger Non-stick Craft Sheet; Vagabond

Now, let me walk you through the steps.

Trick or Treat Burlap Panel by Mou Saha |

Cut pieces of patterned paper and tissue wrap with Kushgrip snip scissors. Attach the pieces to the 6″ x 8″ burlap panel with Gel Medium. Trim off or fold over and glue any overhanging pieces.


Trick or Treat Burlap Panel by Mou Saha |

Seal the top with a coat of Gel medium as well.

Trick or Treat Burlap Panel by Mou Saha |

Color the burlap panel using Barn Door, Black Soot, Dried Marigold, Peeled Paint, Seedless Preserves, Spiced Marmalade, Vintage Photo, and Wild Honey Distress Paints. This layer of color will serve as an underpainting when I add more colors later to create a night scene.

Trick or Treat Burlap Panel by Mou Saha |

Diecut Cresecent Moon & Stars, Halloween Shadows, and Rickety House out of white cardstock using the Sizzix diecutting system. Arrange the pieces on the burlap panel as shown. You might will need to trim off any excess sticking out of the panel. I cut the cat out of the trick or treater silhouette and added it to the roof of the rickety house. You can get creative with your pieces. With Matte Multi Medium, attach the diecuts to the panel in layers. Seal the top with a coat of Multi Medium. Let dry.

Trick or Treat Burlap Panel by Mou Saha |

Begin coloring the burlap panel in sections. I colored the sky with a mix of Black Soot and Chipped Sapphire Distress Paints adding small touches of Barn Door Distress Paint in certain parts. Color the rickety house with a mix of Barn Door and Black Soot Distress Paints. We want each diecut to be prominent even though it’s a night scene with an overall dark feel. Using a cooler color like Chipped Sapphire with Black Soot makes the sky recede further to the background while a warmer color like Barn Door even when mixed with Black Soot makes the rickety house appear to stand in front. The underpainting from step 3 will serve as a muted light as even on the darkest nights, the sky is never totally black. Dilute some Spiced Marmalade Distress Paint dabbed onto non-stick craft mat with water and lightly paint over the crescent moon and stars. Color the cat on the roof with Black Soot Distress Paint.

Trick or Treat Burlap Panel by Mou Saha |

Add a bit of visual dimension to the house and sky by dabbing on some Ripe Persimmon and Spiced Marmalade Distress Stains over the windows and stars.

Trick or Treat Burlap Panel by Mou Saha |

Color the shadow kids with a mix of Mowed Lawn and Black Soot Distress Paints.

Trick or Treat Burlap Panel by Mou Saha |

Dab some Tarnished Brass Distress paint on non-stick craft sheet. Dilute it with water and splatter all across the burlap panel.

Trick or Treat Burlap Panel by Mou Saha |

Here are some close-up shots of my Halloween burlap panel.

Trick or Treat Burlap Panel by Mou Saha |

Hope you enjoyed the tutorial. And have fun with Tim’s Halloween dies!


*be sure to check your local stores for these supplies or you can click the links below to purchase online…

(SSS=simon says stamp / IE=inspiration emporium)

Burlap Panel 6×8 (SSS|IE)
Crescent Moon & Stars (IE|SSS)
Rickety House (IE|SSS)
Halloween Shadows (IE|SSS)
Ripe Persimmon Distress Ink (SSS|IE)
Spiced Marmalade Distress Stain (SSS|IE)
Barn Door Distress Paint (IE|SSS)
click here (IE|SSS)
Dried Marigold Distress Paint (IE|SSS)
Wild Honey Distress Paint (IE|SSS)
Mowed Lawn Distress Paint (IE|SSS)
Peeled Paint Distress Paint (SSS|IE)
Seedless Preserves Distress Paint (IE|SSS)
Vintage Photo Distress Paint (IE|SSS)
Black Soot Distress Paint (SSS|IE)
Tarnished Brass Distress Paint (IE|SSS)
Multi-Medium Matte (IE|SSS)
Dina Wakley Gel Medium (SSS|IE)
Water Brush Detailer (IE|SSS)
Craft Sheet (IE|SSS)
Tonic Scissors (IE|SSS)
Vagabond (IE|SSS)

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Trick or Treat Burlap Panel by Mou Saha |

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  1. bet says:

    This is a very good article. Thank you for a great information.

  2. Very cute, I just love the house I keep wanting to buy it 🙂

  3. Linda Newcomb says:

    Spooky cool! Love it.

  4. Rachel B. says:

    Gorgeous creation!

  5. diana says:

    love those burlap panels and what you did with yours!

  6. Gigi says:

    I’m impressed! The combination of the colors and texture of the burlap really achieved “spooky”.

  7. Barbara says:

    Hi Mario,
    I have been unable to open ‘categories on my iphone app for about 5 days. Any ideas why? Thanks

  8. love the colors you used to make it so spooky looking!

  9. so spooky looking! great Job. love it!

  10. Linda S. says:

    Thanks for the inspiration. I want to learn to be more bold with my color choices.

  11. cindy coven says:

    This is such a great idea for decorating.

  12. Elaine Seip says:

    I love the colors you used, spooky, yet bright! Great effects

  13. Kristina c. says:

    I love ALL this but to purchase ALL that is friggen expensive! SUX being poor! 🙁

  14. kirti says:

    this is so beautiful

  15. Awesome Halloween piece! Love the eerie feel. x

  16. Patty Hebert says:

    Very fun decoration for Halloween! Love the color and texture you brought to the plain die cuts. Thanks for sharing with us.

  17. Nancy Walker says:

    Nice job! I love the overall feel of spookiness and the darkness that comes with mid-fall in October. You did good, girl!

  18. rita timmons says:

    great tutorial Mou! Thanks for the detailed instructions – I love this project!

  19. Shirley in Queen Creek says:

    What a spooky piece of art work. I’m lovin it!

  20. Roxanne says:

    Sweet! Love this project…and I actually have Most of the dies! Hooray!
    Mou Saha’s projects are all very nice! Thanks for sharing!

  21. Cathy Osborne says:

    Another outrageous project. I love the layering of the colors – so, so pretty.

  22. cheiron says:

    This is so fun! Love the effect of all the painty layers.

  23. Helen Cooke says:

    Halloween spookiness!!!

  24. Rosann says:

    I love it… those trick 0r treaters are too cute ! Those dies are so fun and this is such a fun canvas !

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    How cool–great job Mou–thanks for all the great ideas!

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  27. Love it! Thanks for the tutorial, just love them 🙂

  28. Carol Watson says:

    Always love your creations, Mou. Especially how you ad blank pieces, then ad color. Great project, thanks for sharing.

  29. Violet says:

    Love it. I just made a mixed media Halloween plaque using Sizzix dies and T.H. Products. So much fun to use wonderful products.

  30. Yvonne Boucher says:

    very cool!!! love Halloween décor!

  31. Deb L says:

    This is a great piece Mou! Perfect for Halloween!

  32. Angele says:

    Love to try tissue wrap on burlap!

  33. Shari T. says:

    Darling!!!! What a fun burlap canvas, Mou! Love the colors you’ve used to bring these die cuts to life 🙂 Very fun and spooky–perfect for Halloween 🙂 XOXO-Shari T.

  34. Sandy Johnson says:

    I so love this – but first I’ll just try all those layers – lol

  35. Sue W. says:

    Spooky good!

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