i am so excited to finally share the details of my first ever jewelry line “ASSEMBLAGE” available exclusively at joann stores

assemblage is defined as: a work of art made by grouping found or unrelated objects and this eclectic mix of vintage inspired elements most definitely allows you to be your own designer. featuring a variety of chains, cuffs, hardware, findings, fasteners, and more you can gather your favorites to mix and match however you choose.  i can’t wait to see all of the unique wearable works of art you create using “ASSEMBLAGE”…t!m



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83 Comments to “Tim Holtz ASSEMBLAGE…”

  1. Ceal Watson says:

    All so beautiful. One question — Could you please provide cruelty-free non-leather cuffs?

  2. Linda Fisher says:

    Love the collection! Just bought the brown cuff bracelet with the snap although the Joann’s store didn’t have anything to put on the bracelet. Are they available?

  3. Teresa Carvalho says:

    This jewelry line is AWESOME. Is there any way I can get it in Europe?
    (I think the joann store does not ship to Europe)


  4. Jen Crossley says:

    Wow wish I had gone into Joanne’s while I was in the states

  5. Rosann says:

    OMG … can’t believe how difficult it is for Joann’s to get an online order right !! 1st order they duplicated two items failed to send two. Called to report it item was out of stock …. had to wait a week ( per their instructions check to see if on line reorder call them they’d honor sale price and wave shipping. One item was in so I reordered and called them they said it wasn’t in the information online wasn’t in real time ( mind you it wasn’t online at my first call… second call it was there). A week goes by it showed up online again I called and placed the order along with some other items. I’m thinking yay item is in. Week and a half later order comes in mail ; one of the original missing items has arrived Woo Hoo … NOW another item not in order WHAT ??? No invoice, no note , no explanation , I call ; the item is out of stock ( but they listed it as being shipped ) … sooooooo it was suggested they’d refund the amount; check back in a week or so ( the item still shows up on site … DOES NOT SAY OUT OF STOCK ), they will give me the same sale price and wave shipping. I have another order scheduled to arrive with the second item that was missing from my 1st order… I so hope it gets here !!! SO VERY FRUSTRATING … I had just returned home from a 14 mile drive to another store to pick up an item that my store said they had and DID NOT HAVE… Oh if I did not love Tim Holtz product I would be so THROUGH with Joann online !!!

  6. Lynn C says:

    I love the idea of making some wearable art! Would like to see some big keys and gears

  7. Sheila Bacon says:

    Impressive. People, including myself, are going to have a grand time making unique, personalized jewelry pieces. Thank you!

  8. Becky says:

    Love these!!! Great timing since I’ve recently been working with jewelry again.

  9. Mary Gordon-Hagler says:

    Finally our JoAnns received this … Now my bank account is under seize again…. Love this now if my bad eyes could focus close enough to do the assembly….❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  10. Sharon Kanaya says:

    Hi Tim! Hope this finds you & Mario doing well. Wanted to let you know that the rollout is very slow in stores. I’m in No. CA & none of the stores have it ou, yet. I went online st first, but waited to see it in stores. Unfortunately, most of the line sold out a couple of days later. I’m happy for you that Assemblage is wildly successful, but I would sure like to get my hands on some! Thank you, Tim!

  11. I got my box full of assemblage
    thanks for creating this line
    lit as well ads all your other lines
    tell your associates thanks also for their hard work also

  12. Rose Martinez says:

    Does anyone know when the Assemblage jewelry line will be IN the JoAnn stores?

  13. Mel Roberts-Hareld says:

    Oh, the possibilities! I see a lot of fun, on THIS horizon, folks!

  14. Pauline Walters says:


  15. Rosann says:

    SWOON I love all the samples … just awesome. I snook oiut yesterday and went to Joanns to look at the stuff. It wasn’t out yet … but the Manager went in the back and got the box out so I could Pre-view. He said they were all out of stock online ( so glad I ordered some the day you launched). The box was huge and I was already past my time on my leg and it was swollen … so I opted to wait til’ they got it up. Besides I didn’t see the pieces I was interested in. Can’t wait to see their display … he said it would be up today (but from past experience with them … I doubt it !!! I hope to see more soon. My order should arrive soon as well !! Again … AWESOME Release !!!

  16. kathy says:

    OMG!! I love every single piece! Joann”s look out I will be stalking you! And the store is right down the road!

  17. Rosetta Jenkins says:

    Well, I can gladly say I managed to buy most of the charms before they sold out. Just ordered chains. Gotta get the rest. Outta breath! Glad they are in the stores now. Better run…OMG!

  18. TINA CURTIS says:

    thats pretty cool stuff, guy!!! cant wait to make WITH it.


  19. Brianna Lewis says:

    Love this line! I have to ask as its jewlery – is it nickel free?

  20. Wilma Fox says:

    Will this only be sold at Joannes, as the rest of the world do not have access to this?

  21. Diana says:

    Love love love it all

  22. Terri W says:

    So very interesting!

  23. Cherie says:

    Already placed my order online just waiting for its arrival

  24. Natalie Laney says:


  25. Christine Duffy says:

    Fabulous new range, love it all – but boo hoo, Joann’s don’t ship international!!

  26. Kathleen Lundman says:

    What a pleasant surprise this is!!!!! Love all of it and use pieces like this for both jewelry and/or embellishments on boxes, etc. I never have enough bling as I am sure so many of your other fans are also!!!! You made my day. Cant wait to see all of this in the stores and/or on line! Thanks so much!

  27. Monika/buzsy says:

    Oh, these are fantastic! Can I have them all? Love the gorgeous charms! Cool chains… the cuffs look great!

  28. nancy dempsey says:

    Can’t wait to see all the great treasures!

  29. Tona says:

    I can’t wait to get my hands on some of this!

  30. joanne rupertinger says:

    great line I hope I can get hold of some at some point as I do not live in the US so no joann’s 🙁

  31. Dianne Ayers says:

    Grrrrr! Joann stores are not where I live…these look fabulous indeed but are simply unavailable to me here in Tasmania, just like the Vagabond…sigh!

  32. Noreen says:

    I like the vintage look!

  33. Great stuff !!!
    We don’t have Joanne stores in Quebec,Canada.Where else will it be available? on line?

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