tim holtz app – update…

hey everyone!  i hope you’re enjoying the holidays and all the magic the season brings.  today i’m excited to share the news that the new update for my free tim holtz app is now completed for both iPhone and android users.  as we prepare to get organized for the new year, there is no better time for this update.  i thought the best way to share all of the new look and features of the app was with a little video – so check it out and i hope you enjoy…t!m

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96 Comments to “tim holtz app – update…”

  1. Patricia Williams says:

    Fun, having trouble getting the sound.

  2. Can’t wait to download this app

  3. You inspire us!! So we can keep creating and having fun!!

  4. I would like to know if I can enter the information on my computer which is Windows 8 and the information would also seen on my iPhone app or on my Kindle. It is much easier to enter on the big screen for me. Either way is good because currently all info is on my notepad on my phone, so I think putting it on the I phone app will free up space on my phone. I know there is some technical terms for all this, however I am not technical minded, just fiqurin it out with a little help from friends! LOL

  5. charmagne says:

    I just got a new phone. How do I get my info from the ap into my new phone. PLEASE, do not tell me I have to enter it all in again.

  6. Aretha Crout says:

    Could you please make it so that I can see ALL of my inventory in once place, instead of having to go in and out of every catagory? Thanks!

    • Isabel Cristina R M Rocha says:

      I love the idea.Thanks!

      • Linda Lee-Northrup says:

        Would be very handy when I’m out shopping
        for my favorite Tim Holtz products so I don’t
        double up and re-purchase a product I forgot
        I already bought. Thanks again Tim for the
        App. Been saying for a long time how
        helpful I know this would be.

  7. Ann J says:

    I love this app! I am in the process of entering in all of my supplies. It will be so easy to add new things without repeating what I already have in my stash. Time to go shopping! When are you going to add the new stuff from 2014 CHA so I can add it to my wishlist?

  8. Isabel Cristina R M Rocha says:

    I love everything you create .

  9. Isabel Cristina R M Rocha says:

    I love everything you create!

  10. Can I get your App on my Windows phone Tim?

  11. […] is always a challenge.  that’s why i want to remind those of you who have downloaded my free “tim holtz” app on their iphone, ipad, or android to start making your wish lists.  i’ve been working with my […]

  12. Renee Thornborough says:

    Thanks for the great app! Happy New Year

  13. Brilliant!!!!! Just downloaded it. love, love, love it!

  14. BARB says:

    This was the first app I downloaded when I got my IPhone in July 2012. It has been such a valuable tool. No more purchasing what I already have or passing up a good deal because I do not remember if I already have something, Thanks Tim and Happy New Year.

  15. MusicGeeks says:

    Love that it syncs devices! Now I’ll always have my inventory and wish list at my fingertips.

  16. Sara Ament says:

    This is absolutely awesome! Will need to get it downloaded!!! You Rock!!! Hugs!!!

  17. Lucie Hale says:

    I love this app! Already downloaded it and populated it on my Galaxy Note 8. However, yesterday, I downloaded it to my galaxy SIII, since I need to have it on my phone for when I am out shopping, and I when I opened it, I was dismayed that it did not upload everything I had entered into the tablet. I thought all I entered would upload to the Cloud and that since my tablet and phone are both Samsung, it would automatically upload whatever I do in one device to the other?

  18. Linda Lee-Northrup says:

    Tim, I downloaded your App the moment you
    sent it to me. Love so much that I can keep
    track of all of my Tim Holtz products and goodies.
    Thanks so much, thrilled to be so connected.

  19. AWESOME!! Can’t wait to try it out!! THANKS for the video I do better with these!! 😉 have a Very Blessed and Fabulous G
    Holiday Week!! 😉

  20. Carrie says:

    This is awesome! I am downloading this right now!

  21. Diana says:

    i love your app!! have had it from the start! i agree..more companies should do this! ….. do you think perhaps in the future we will be able to share so others would know what i wanted!!! wait a minute!! you already have done that! so awesome!

  22. Nana says:

    I have enjoyed adding info to the app. It will be nice to have a list of all my supplies in one spot.

    When adding the Distress pads and reinkers, I thought for me it would have been handier to have them together on the same screen. Guess it is just my thought process.

  23. Gene says:

    Awesome new features, Thanks Tim!

    Christmas Cheers,

  24. Carmen Lucero says:

    Thanks for that tut! Now I won’t be buying doubles!

  25. Tamara says:

    Love this app, and yes I wish all companies had it. I can now quite trying to keep track of inventory in my notes, where it takes forever to type it in, and then of course I miss things, and so on. I was just doing something and thought I had mustard seed distress, but oh no I didn’t, but I have a duplicate of something else. Thanks Tim for the app, now I can be more organized. Sense I run all apple products love it on the cloud.

  26. Christine Schwab says:

    I have the app, and I love it!

  27. Monica says:

    Wauwhhhh….what a great feature made avaible… Can anybody help me please by telling if this app is avaible in all countries ? I am in Spain and going through Apple Store or iTunes does’nt show this app….. Sometimes I have experienced that specific apps arent avaible to all. They tell you it depends on your server…hm hm… Thought this should be global……if anybody can give an advice Ill be very grateful……please
    Hugs from SPAIN

  28. Cheryl L says:

    That app is great and I can’t wait to download it. I love how you can send your wish list to someone and keep your inventory to avoid duplicates.

  29. Eileen Dean says:

    This is an amazing app. Now I don’t have to keep all those lists that I manage to leave at home when I go shopping. Thanks so much. And it’s free. Love you Tim. Happy Holiday.

  30. Oh my goodness! How super great is that?!! Organization to the MAX! ….Happy Holidays Tim, Mario, crew, and families…and also the Tim Holtz followers!!!..hugs!

  31. I really have enjoyed having this app on my iPhone, but was not aware of the updates. Thanks for the info. Merry Christmas!

  32. Linda Agers says:

    Thanks for the update! The old app had ceased working about 2 weeks ago, so I was so pleased that we have new one. Still adding my products, I guess I have too much (is that possible?) 🙂 I love how it’s organized, so meticulous

  33. Sam Crowe says:

    I love the new app, funny I was at Dyan’s shop Art From the Heart yesterday which prompted me to do a stock list today because I couldn’t remember what I had run out of when I was there and is an hours Journey. Then I go distracted when I saw you Blog. Just downloaded it so am off for a play. X

  34. Julia says:

    Could not wait to download the new app, but my dinosaur IPhone will not accept it. It has to have an IOS 7 to download the app and the 3gs, is only 6.3. So unless you have an Iphone 4 or above it will not work.
    Now I have to get a new phone, good excuse, Tim’s app.

  35. Linda Wilcott says:

    I love this app! I love you Tim!! Great little video to explain it. I will definitely upload it. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

  36. Angela says:

    Love it! I had downloaded it but hadn’t really figured out some pieces so I appreciate the hands on video

  37. Jessica says:

    How cool is that app. going to install it yet. Thank you for sharing.

  38. Heather MacDonald says:

    Awesome Tim!!!! You are always thinking my friend! I wish I was able to keep track of all my other products like yours. You know how good it feels to come home knowing that you bought the right item and dont even have to look to see if you already have it. Also makes me purchase your items more frequently. Obviously I LOVE the designs etc but I also can see how it goes with what I have and what I may also need saving another trip. Needless to say love this app and am off to update!!!

  39. Margaret says:

    I love the updates. I have depended on your ap on my smart phone for quite some time to keep from picking up duplicates.

  40. Marie L says:

    Wow !!! I love it. I just downloaded it on my iphone. Now I just need to find the hours to add all the products that I have and the ones I “need”. Thank you very much and Merry Christmas

  41. Sammi says:

    What a fabulous app. It looks like it will be easy for me to navigate, even though I am somewhat technically challenged. I really like that it will help me to quit buying duplicates, however, many of your items I don’t mind having duplicates of. You are awesome. Keep the great and creative ideas coming.

  42. Hi Tim and Company!!
    I have been a very bad blogger lately! I’m so sorry 🙁
    Very busy time of year for everyone!!
    I checked out your recent posts and they are awesome!!
    This post was also great! I have the app, but I didn’t even know it was updated! that’s how crazy it has been. ugh.
    Wishing you and yours much happiness this holiday season and many Blessings in the new year!!!

  43. Sue A. says:

    I can’t wait to load it.

  44. Jeanie P says:

    LOVE the new app – on my iPhone.
    Oddly, on my iPad, it opens upside down.

  45. Leslie scudiere says:

    It’s on my IPad! Thanks for the great app. Merry Christmas Tim!

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