the idea: seasonal series distress inks…

Seasonaldistressink hey bloggers, after the exciting launch last week of the new seasonal distress series, i have to say once again how overwhelmed and grateful i am for it all.  i can't even begin to thank everyone so much for sharing in the excitement and creative chaos this launch stirred up.  so i wanted to share a little background of how the idea of the seasonal distress series came to be.  as you know, i truly love my distress line with ranger.  after being on the market for over 7 years, i continue to use these inks as if they are the latest and greatest.  i'm happy with the palette of 36 colors of distress, but of course there are times when i want a certain color especially around certain seasons.  which got me thinking…i've said it many times, trust your crazy ideas…

so i pitched my idea to ranger, to create a batch of unique seasonal colors for distress inks.  i loved the idea of creating a palette of 3 new colors perfect for the season.  we would create a batch of these colors once a year to release to the market.  these colors would only be available for the season and not be made again until the following year.  being a U.S. manufacturer, adding new products of any capacity has its challenges, but adding more to the already popular distress line had even more.  numbers we're crunched, reports ran, production materials ordered, distributors notified, and schedules made, if we were going to launch this we were going to be ready – at least that was our intention…

to say we were all blown away at the response from all of you would be an understatement.  based off any previous new distress ink launch we produced more than predicted sales.  in fact we manufactured what should have been weeks worth of inventory, but instead it sold out within 6 hours, completely unexpected.  don't get me wrong, i knew it was going to create a bit of a frenzy being limited and all, but 6 hours?  of course once we all realized what was going on, it was too late to do anything about it immediately, but that didn't stop us from trying to figure out a solution. 

one of the many benefits of ranger being a U.S. manufacturer is the ability to react quickly, so we began to try to secure more materials, create more dyes, allowing us to make another batch of these seasonal fall distress inks. although it was not part of the initial plan, we want to do our part to meet the demand set by all of you.  so i'm happy to say that ranger is making one more production run of the fall seasonal distress inks to ship out in the next few weeks. i truly appreciate the support from all of you, and wanted to do my best to make sure more people had the chance to get a set of these colors if they wanted.  simply amazing!…

now to answer some of the many frequently asked questions:
– are there going to be reinkers for these colors?  the short answer is no, but the reason is simply because these unique seasonal colors are made in a small batch to create the specific colors i want.  so i had to choose and i would rather have more distress pads available than half the amount if we made reinkers.
– will i be able to get these seasonal colors again?  yes, my idea was to have these colors around for the season.  so next fall, these same colors will be created again and made available for the season (kind of like seasonal fruit i suppose).
– are you making other distress products in these seasonal colors?  i only wanted to create these seasonal colors in distress ink pads.
– since they are part of a "seasonal series" does that mean there are going to be other colors for winter?  yes, i've created a set of seasonal colors for winter as well, and they will be released on november 1st!

well hopefully this has explained a little more about the seasonal series of distress inks.   i can't express my sincere thanks enough to all of you for sharing your creative energy with this launch.  it's been a fun way to bring new colors to the distress palette and i appreciate all of your amazing support and excitement.  guess this idea wasn't so crazy after all – who knew?…t!m

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516 Comments to “the idea: seasonal series distress inks…”

  1. Amy G. says:

    I’m looking forward to all the other seasonal colours!

  2. KariLynn L says:

    That is awesome, glad to see Ranger react to demand. I already got my order in for the new pads, the colours are fantastic. Cannot wait to see what the Winter palette of colours will be!

  3. Theresa Grdina says:

    I want to say thank you to you for creating these fabulous-in-between colors and thank you to Ranger for being kind enough to re-run a batch so we can all have a bit of the joy!!! I am looing forward to November 1st, as I am a WINTER girl!!! I am sure the colors will be FABULOUS.
    Thanks again, Tim…for seeing that as many of us can be sharing in the joy as possible. (no joke)

  4. Krista Cable says:

    These are a great way to get me in the mood for fall. I can see it now. These ink pads all spread out on my craft tables with a warm glass of apple cider and a pumpkin muffin. The joys of fall. Thanks, Tim!

  5. bev a says:

    you rock Tim! thanks for being the creative YOU that you are.
    bev a

  6. Kelly Karas says:

    Who knew one guy could make so many women happy in 6 hours 🙂 I’m a distress ink junkie, and love each and every color.

  7. SusanK says:

    Wonderful solution – now more can get inky hands on the limited colors! Anxious to see what you’ve chosen for winter…my head is spinning. US manufacturing is the BEST!

  8. You rock Tim! Love the colors and looking forward to seeing more.

  9. Maureen Chandler says:

    Distress inks are so very wonderful and I am excited that I was able to order the new seasonal colors! I can’t wait for the winter colors to add to my stash and I certainly use these distress ink pads often in my card making! Thanks so much Tim and keep up the GREAT work!! Congrats to the winners!

  10. Shelly P. says:

    Awesome that you are doing another batch! If you are going to rerelease these next year, maybe a small size reinker set would be good too! Or maybe add another group of colors! We can always use another red, yellow, and green for fall! Can’t wait to get mine!!

  11. Sherry Winchester says:

    Thanks for helping each and every one of us to create our own magic….Much appreciated, Tim! :^)

  12. Laurie Ferguson says:

    I love that you have seasonal lines out. The new colors are perfect. Can’t wait to see the winter colors!!! Bring on the holidays.

  13. peg says:

    t!m! I’m sure there was no way to anticipate the huge response of this new item. However, I tend to believe that all that is Autumn stirs in our souls as it approaches. The creative juices begin to flow and your new distress colors are just what we need! Thank you so much for doing what you do to keep us inspired. I can’t WAIT for these inks!!!

  14. Janine Bertone says:

    I still do not know where I can get them though…… waht stores are going to carry them? I will be very anxious to se waht you ahve in store for us with the winter colors, you are truly amazing that is for sure.

  15. Kristen says:

    I knew. I knew they would go fast. Congrats on your continued success. It is well deserved!

  16. Pat H says:

    I had to order my set from my favorite online craft store – I hope I was not too late!

  17. Barbara Albrecht says:

    Frenzy…that’s an understatement!!! I was one of those who didn’t get started on the “hunt” early enough. I’m glad Ranger has decided to run another batch. Maybe I’ll be able to score a set.
    New winter colors…can’t wait to see those and get an early start on shopping for this set.
    Thanks for the update and thanks to Ranger for running another batch of Fall colors.

  18. Donna VW says:

    You and Ranger are amazing! You are keeping things “fresh” while still providing quality support for the other standard products that we all love.

  19. wow! 6 hours?!?! awesome…..gonna hafta be a bit quicker next time….where are they selling from?

  20. Sandra ltb says:

    I hear you, I still want reinkers!
    Sandra ltb

  21. Nancy Curry says:

    I like the “specialness” of these inks and will enjoy their periodic use. I won’t say I wouldn’t like a reinker, but then they wouldn’t be special and periodic. They would be in the regular mix that get heavy use. Great idea. And, kudos to Ranger for seeing the frenzy and meeting the demand. Ready and waiting for the winter ones.

  22. Alicia Gnam says:

    Since when do you think your ideas are crazy? 🙂 Tim – You and Ranger have made so many great products that there is no crazy idea. I am glad that Ranger is making more of the distress inks – I know people have been trying to get them. I was lucky enough to be able to purchase one for me and two for my two friends through my local store. Thanks for the explanation. Can’t wait for the winter set to come!

  23. Mary Blake says:

    Wow that is so great! happy for all of you that got them already and might get them..
    hopefully next year I can get them myself…

  24. Christy Johns says:

    I tried Grape, Marigold, and Burlap before these came out, even using Paper over them. The new colors are brilliant! Could you please add a Fall yellow to the set next year and release them a bit earlier? Thanks!

  25. Lily valverde says:

    I know 2 crazy from Costa Rica who search all the online sb stores to get those inks, I’m one of them lol, thanks Tim for let us be part of this, you inspire us to create beautiful things. I hope you can come to Costa Rica we have 250 crazy ladies wanting to learn from you 😀

  26. Matillie says:

    Fun for you and fun for us!

  27. Tere says:

    6 hours! No wonder I was searching like crazy the online stores and on all of them was the same story SOLD OUT! i think… I think, one of my best friends order 2 sets, one for her and one for me. So I think, I’m ok, but just in case I misunderstood her, I’m so glad Ranger will produce more.

  28. Jennifer Rogers says:

    We will probably not get our little 3rd world /wrong season hands on these, but we support you anyway, Tim– more power to you and all our inky friends in the U.S.

  29. Lena K says:

    Thank you for clearing everything up, Tim! Can’t wait to see the winter colors..oh my!

  30. Ivette says:

    Tim anything you touch turns into gold.
    You just have it like that… Simple as that.

  31. Bsavage says:

    Oh my goodness; so many people with such good taste in supplies!! Congratulations to all the lucky winners!!!

  32. Jill B says:

    Thats amazing! I cannot wait to see the winter colors as well. Hoping to be able to get my hands on a couple of these.

  33. Cindy Pointe says:

    Tim, once again you and Ranger have shown that you’re are a class act. I’m so pleased that you’re producing more of these now and that they will be available again next year.
    Looking forward to all the great seasonal inks coming our way!

  34. Claire says:

    Whatever you touch turns to gold! Look forward to seeing what comes next!

  35. Caroline D. says:

    crazy…. ummmm, nooooo…. because we crafters are a little bit crazy too! Oh, November 1st wont get here soon enough for me!

  36. edie says:

    Thank you Tim and Ranger for rising to the occasion with aplomb! And thanks for letting us know that the seasonal idea will continue for a while – we and the retailers can be better prepared for the rush!

  37. linda Woerth says:

    Only you would be so giving and produce more for those of us who weren’t able to get some of the limited distress ink pads. thank you so much.

  38. dorothy daniel says:

    I am so happy you have a great company like Ranger to work with, keeping us crafty people supplied!
    Can’t wait to see the winter colors!

  39. Helen says:

    sold out in 6 hours? Yikes we DO love you and your inks, don’t we!! I do hope that that means my pre-order (here in the UK) is going to be ok…. keeping my fingers crossed. Excited about a Winter limited issue too…. Love you and Ranger….

  40. Pam says:

    Doesn’t surprise me at all – the Distress Ink line is FABULOUS!

  41. Sounds awesome. I’m not at all surprised they sold out in 6 hrs! Just hope I can get my hands on some 🙂

  42. Lacey I says:

    I think it’s awesome and yes definitely created a frenzy. I saw the first announcement and emailed AND facebooked my LSS right away to get in on the action!!! I love the color pallet and crossing my fingers I get my hands on these awesome colored distress ink pads!

  43. Cindy K says:

    Thanks for the explanation, Tim. And thanks to Ranger for responding so quickly! See you on the big boat!

  44. Roberta says:

    What a birthday present next release on my Birthday can’t think of a better present…Thanks T!m..

  45. Cynthia says:

    I’m so glad that we’ll have another chance to get these. The colors are beautiful, and I was one of those who came up short – lol! So, hopefully when I call the girls at Stampalistic, they’ll put me on the list for the next batch. Thanks, Tim!

  46. Kay says:

    That is so cool. I am not an “orange” person but that one looks really nice. I can’t wait to see these in person!

  47. Elise says:

    Congratulations on the successful {!} launch, and helping to create a tsunami of excitement, once again! {Ranger is SO lucky to have you!} Can’t wait to, hopefully, get my hands on these – I’m SO ready for fall projects! THANKS, again! Yeeee Haw!

  48. Beth says:

    I can’t wait to get ahold of them! And can’t wait to see the winter lineup!

  49. Jingle says:

    I can’t WAIT to see the November 1st release and I think it is awesome that you and Ranger are working to meet the demand! That is fantastic customer service! Thank you!!!

  50. Terri Godinez says:

    When are you going to be on HSN again? That was awesome!!!! It’s been way too long 🙁

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