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Seasonaldistressink hey bloggers, after the exciting launch last week of the new seasonal distress series, i have to say once again how overwhelmed and grateful i am for it all.  i can't even begin to thank everyone so much for sharing in the excitement and creative chaos this launch stirred up.  so i wanted to share a little background of how the idea of the seasonal distress series came to be.  as you know, i truly love my distress line with ranger.  after being on the market for over 7 years, i continue to use these inks as if they are the latest and greatest.  i'm happy with the palette of 36 colors of distress, but of course there are times when i want a certain color especially around certain seasons.  which got me thinking…i've said it many times, trust your crazy ideas…

so i pitched my idea to ranger, to create a batch of unique seasonal colors for distress inks.  i loved the idea of creating a palette of 3 new colors perfect for the season.  we would create a batch of these colors once a year to release to the market.  these colors would only be available for the season and not be made again until the following year.  being a U.S. manufacturer, adding new products of any capacity has its challenges, but adding more to the already popular distress line had even more.  numbers we're crunched, reports ran, production materials ordered, distributors notified, and schedules made, if we were going to launch this we were going to be ready – at least that was our intention…

to say we were all blown away at the response from all of you would be an understatement.  based off any previous new distress ink launch we produced more than predicted sales.  in fact we manufactured what should have been weeks worth of inventory, but instead it sold out within 6 hours, completely unexpected.  don't get me wrong, i knew it was going to create a bit of a frenzy being limited and all, but 6 hours?  of course once we all realized what was going on, it was too late to do anything about it immediately, but that didn't stop us from trying to figure out a solution. 

one of the many benefits of ranger being a U.S. manufacturer is the ability to react quickly, so we began to try to secure more materials, create more dyes, allowing us to make another batch of these seasonal fall distress inks. although it was not part of the initial plan, we want to do our part to meet the demand set by all of you.  so i'm happy to say that ranger is making one more production run of the fall seasonal distress inks to ship out in the next few weeks. i truly appreciate the support from all of you, and wanted to do my best to make sure more people had the chance to get a set of these colors if they wanted.  simply amazing!…

now to answer some of the many frequently asked questions:
– are there going to be reinkers for these colors?  the short answer is no, but the reason is simply because these unique seasonal colors are made in a small batch to create the specific colors i want.  so i had to choose and i would rather have more distress pads available than half the amount if we made reinkers.
– will i be able to get these seasonal colors again?  yes, my idea was to have these colors around for the season.  so next fall, these same colors will be created again and made available for the season (kind of like seasonal fruit i suppose).
– are you making other distress products in these seasonal colors?  i only wanted to create these seasonal colors in distress ink pads.
– since they are part of a "seasonal series" does that mean there are going to be other colors for winter?  yes, i've created a set of seasonal colors for winter as well, and they will be released on november 1st!

well hopefully this has explained a little more about the seasonal series of distress inks.   i can't express my sincere thanks enough to all of you for sharing your creative energy with this launch.  it's been a fun way to bring new colors to the distress palette and i appreciate all of your amazing support and excitement.  guess this idea wasn't so crazy after all – who knew?…t!m

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516 Comments to “the idea: seasonal series distress inks…”

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  2. HelenRae Tarantino says:

    I got mine~!!! Whoo Hooo! My friend and I talked about what colors you would make for winter before you mentioned doing that too!! Looking forward to anything new!!!You are terrific!

  3. kathryn west (UK) says:

    Ordered from USA as soon as I saw your blog, they arrived yesterday – and now I hear there are Winter ones too! So exciting! You rock T!m xx

  4. wow! love the idea of u coming out with more DI for all the seasons! I just hope there will be double the production for next time – winter inks, can’t wait to see what those will look like!!!
    I searched the web for almost 5 hours when theese fall inks came out, and got mine as the last that shop had! What a frenzy…
    And who needs re-inkers anyway? You have theese pads for ages if you just use ’em to distress & watercolor with, like me 🙂

  5. Pauline says:

    I got mine today; great colors! I hope you and Ranger Ink release new colors every year.

  6. craft-tastrophe says:

    Fall is my favorite season, but I doubt I will be able to say “no” to the winter season launch. ADDICTED to all your products and so expressly THANKFUL to Ranger for being U.S. based and giving the jobs to our Americans that desperately need them…only complaint…why don’t you have a plant in the West also? so I can work for you? 🙂

  7. Sharon says:

    Just waiting for mine to be delivered. I can’t wait for the November launch 🙂
    Artful regards
    Sharon in England

  8. Joyce Ebben says:

    Hi Tim,
    Everything you create turns into gold! What did you expect?!
    I know you don’t like purple that much, but most of us women do… so everybody wants this set! Congratulations with this hugh success! Thanks Tim!

  9. Tamalene Nelson says:

    Congradulations!!! Fall is my favorite season. I missed the first release. 🙁 :O =( This was me when I found out. LOL. I’m glad to know there’s going to be another release. Please put me on the list. I want to be the first person to know about it from you personally! LOL I’ll be looking forward to the winter release. I’m putting that on my calendar. Thanks, Tamalene Nelson.

  10. Inks4fun says:

    I just got my seasonal pads in today’s mail, I’m so excited I don’t know what to do first! I may not sleep tonight! Can’t wait for the winter colors.

  11. LOVE the new colors. Hope you’ll reconsider the reinkers. My thought when I saw the seedless preserves was…”What a fabulous Perfect Pearls Powder mist that’s going to be!”

  12. Judy Cantrell says:

    When I heard that you were coming out the these colors I thought you might be coming out with another set for the holiday season. Yeah! I’m right! I hope I will be able to purchase that set!! Thanks for sharing these new colors!!

  13. Zoe Shepard says:

    I’d like to buy them but no one has any. As for the Winter ones, I’m not holding out any hope that I will get those either. Who are these lucky people that actually get to buy these limited ink pads?

  14. Di Fritzsch says:

    Thanks for the answers to the most FAQ — and for making more! Certainly hoping to get a set before they’re all gone again.
    Very glad to hear they’ll be around each year in their season, and that there is a winter season set coming, also!!
    Thanks for all you do!

  15. Lara Carson says:

    I appreciate that you are an upstanding business man and have listened to those that have spoke up. Addressing the masses regarding their questions, and your/Ranger’s thinking behind this limited release is very welcome and kind. Some businesses DO NOT/WOULD NOT ever believe that they need to address any of these concerns. I am happy that you are adding another shipment of these inks, and can see why they would be limited…October will come and go and we will move on the red, green, and gold, and the fall colors will just sit there. I get it, but still think you are the cat’s meow for answering so publically and with humility and kindness!

  16. Aurora.Ohio says:

    Tim, kudos on following your crazy ideas. Seriously, did you ever think we would NOT jump at the such a chance. Hope Ranger is already planning for bigger numbers for the November release of the winter colors. Maybe we can buy this out in less then six hours 😉

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