the great suitcase…

suitcase-shelfi hope your week is off to a great start.  i wanted to share this fun video of my cool and skillful neighbor Art (yep, his name is Art) creating a shelf for me out of one of my old suitcases.  thanks for filming the video mario – i love spontaneous projects like this…t!m

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222 Comments to “the great suitcase…”

  1. Cheryl VanNorman says:

    send Art my way- love it and the video editing- awesome job all

  2. Kim C. says:

    Wow what perfect timing. I just found two suitcases at a garage sale on Friday for $1 each. I almost felt guilty at that price but this is what I had envisioned using them as. I noticed the ones you used on your props at one of the shows. I have been mentioning it to my husband for the past 4 months. I can’t wait to see mine on the wall.

  3. Alicia Gnam says:

    Awesome video!

  4. Andrene says:

    Great job Art!!! Must be really nice to have a great neighbor like him!!

  5. barbara lassiter says:

    Hey! This video is really cute and if you ever needed another line of work*…this might be it! Just saying! The shelf is great, too!

    * Not that you will!!!!! LOL

  6. Caroline D. says:

    LOL It is finally official…. y’all have wayyyyyy tooooo much fun! 🙂 Isn’t it great though?!?

  7. Nancy D. says:

    Very cool!

  8. Hettie says:

    Love it! Just made Hubby watch this to convert one of our (many) old suitcases!

  9. Zina Yarbrough says:

    I like your work and recently bought a Big Kick. I love it, I would like to receive your blog. My twitter account got all messed up the night all that craziness went on so I am waiting to start it again. I am so when I change and get back on twitter I will let whoever know so no one will be confused, about my name.
    Zina Gail Yarbrough

  10. Love your stuff!!!!!!

  11. Naomi Davis says:

    Too cute!

  12. kimberly Gillaspy says:

    Lol…love it

  13. Yvonne Blair says:

    That is so cool! Love the way you did the video!!! Oh I have to learn how to do this!!! Thanks for sharing the fun!!!

  14. Isabelle M says:

    Too cool movie!
    and cool neighbor too!

  15. LInda Bell says:

    Totally awesome! You are such a little smarty pants…Love it thanks for sharing.

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