thank you Whim So Doodle…

whim1for me, there’s simply nothing better than sharing creativity.  whether it’s on social media, videos, demos, or workshops, the opportunity to share what i love to do just makes me happy.  it’s been a while since i’ve hit the road teaching at stores, and we just returned from a jam packed trip teaching at Whim So Doodle in florida.  i’ll admit it felt really awesome to be back in the “classroom”, and what better place to teach than at a store filled with more product than i’ve ever seen in any one store before.  what started out as a two-day teaching event turned into four days teaching over 200 eager learners sharing in the adventure!  we arrived in florida at about 4:30pm wednesday where we were met by jill (the owner of Whim So Doodle).  we made our way to the store and immediately got to work tearing open boxes, filling supply baskets, and packing kit bags for the days ahead.  a huge thank you to jill, tayler, and the team at the store for all of your help with getting everything set up an ready to go…


the classroom at Whim So Doodle was spacious, and mario and i quickly got to work rearranging tables, laying down power cords, and setting up the screen and projector for the workshops.  teamwork makes the dream work…


i taught two classes each day: “artful assemblage”, a journey into collage, layering, and texture to create a mixed-media masterpiece.  “creative chemistry live”, a selection of my favorite techniques from my online course creative chemistry.  it was so rewarding to see the light bulb moment when these groups of talented artists embraced imperfection and immersed themselves into their creativity.  the purpose of my workshops are to inspire each individual to learn the how’s and why’s when it comes to product technique, and the confidence to make their own creative decisions when it comes to design and composition.  i’m sincerely grateful to everyone who took time to be in the workshops, and of course to mario for his constant help to make sure everything comes together perfectly…


as our visit came to an end, my new friend doug sat down to share his insight with me:



well said doug…well said…t!m

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Purchase Tim Holtz' Compendium of Curiosities

Purchase Tim Holtz' Compendium of Curiosities

Purchase Tim Holtz' Compendium of Curiosities

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