tattered inspiration continues…

hey bloggers.  i hope your week is off to a great start.  today i want to share even more tattered floral inspiration from some of my designer friends who i’ve asked many to share their take on the challenge (so be sure to check them out since they will be sharing the tattered love with a giveaway)…

first up is my friend linda ledbetter blew me away with her take on the tattered floral challenge by creating an illuminated wreath for spring – visit linda’s blog here

next, my friend mou saha shares her clever and creative stamped jewelry ensemble using the tattered floral die – visit mou’s blog here

of course when it comes to over-the-top detail, my friend jim the gentleman crafter shares his steampunk interpretation of the tattered floral challenge – visit jim’s blog here

like i said, it continues to amaze me the amount of creativity and inspiration that is out there!   i hope you’ve taken time to join the “tattered floral challenge” yourself – there is still plenty of time to join the fun…t!m

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111 Comments to “tattered inspiration continues…”

  1. Howdy says:


    I really like what you did with the blog here!…

  2. Beitaboofilla says:

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  4. ionabunny says:

    Three more fantastic and varied projects with this die. I think this is an amazing way of showcasing how versatile these dies can be. No holds barred here.

  5. Karen M. says:

    Okay Tim–I again have spent hours on these blogs–haha! All I can say is WOW! The talent of these artists blew me away! What a fun and inspirational challenge! Thanks for sharing the links!
    Karen M.

  6. Cath Sheard says:

    Oh my – these are all awesome. I *need* that die!

  7. deb says:

    wow these are wonderful examples of what can be done with this favorite die!!

  8. Robin Parker says:

    What inspiration with all these wonderful ideas….Thanks for sharing!


  9. Lori Warren says:

    What great creations! Hard to pick a favorite but I loved the wreath idea. Thanks for sharing…inspiration in it’s finest.

  10. Christine Newman-Aumiller says:

    I have to say, the challenge is great but the best part is all of the new blogs I get to look at! Thanks, Tim.

  11. Linda Magee says:

    So much talent, thanks everyone for sharing

  12. Annamarie says:

    Love “jim the gentleman crafter” the best but I have to say I liked the other two as well, because i love making things that are useful. Thank you Jim, Mou and Linda for sharing

  13. Very inspirational!! Makes me want to try all of their techniques!!

  14. Serene says:

    The level of talent is mind blowing! Truly beautiful!

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